How to treat low blood pressure
How to treat low blood pressure

Low blood pressure can be treated just like every other ailments. Low blood pressure treatments ensures relieving the symptoms (i.e. symptomatic treatment)thus bringing the blood pressure back to normal. Before any course of treatment can be taken, certain facts need to be established, and certain conditions needs to be reviewed which are as follows:

  • What causes your low blood pressure?
  • how long have you been suffering from low blood pressure?
  • What are the factors that predisposed you to having low blood pressure.
  • What is your daily schedule and your diet like?
  • How often do you experience the symptoms?
  • Your age, and work history

Based on this factors, conclusions could be on the best course of treatment however treatment for low blood pressure falls generally under two methods namely:

  • Drug therapy
  • Natural means

Some common symptoms that are relevant to hypotension are- dizziness, fatigue, headache, blurred vision, seizures in extreme cases, shock and many others peculiar to hypotension.

How to treat low blood pressure varies depending also on the type.

Treatment for low blood pressure based on posture (Postural /orthostatic hypotension):

Postural hypotension (is triggered based on your body posture which,) in medical terms, is defined as a fall in systolic blood pressure of at least 20mmHg or diastolic blood pressure of at least 10mmHg when a assuming a standing position from a supine position.

Do take the following into consideration:

  • If at any time you intend to stand up from a ‘sitting’ position, rise up gently.
  • Do not cross your leg whenever you sit down.
  • Tilt the head of your bed up by at least 10-20°.
  • Drink lots of fluids especially soda drinks that contain lots of potassium and sodium; increase the number of times you sit up.

However, if you experience a fainting spell when rising up, emergency medical response might be necessary.

Low blood pressure treatment for Postprandial hypotension (diet based)

If you are suffering from postprandial hypotension i.e. low blood pressure resulting from eating heavy morsels of food especially carbohydrate-rich foods, try to reduce your consumption of carbohydrates,increase your protein, and vitamin supplements especially foliates and ascorbic acids.

If you are currently on hypertension drugs,you might want to talk to your doctor for adjusting the prescribed dosage.

So also, hypotension treatment could be made effective by making necessary adjustments on your lifestyles and diet. If you are the sedentary type, its time to change your gear.

Certain drugs such as libido boosters- Viagra, leviathra etc., do talk to your doctor on possibilities of changing such prescriptions to natural means of controlling libido as this might help a lot as well as enhance your mood especially if it’s a plant-based regimen but should also be monitored carefully.

Hypotension treatments involves treating the symptoms rather low blood pressure itself, however, under mild expression of the symptoms, treatments may not be necessary considering age,diet and lifestyle of the patient involved, but when in extreme cases such as fainting spell or shock it usually requires emergency response before it turns into sad tale.

Experts have always recommended the following for low blood pressure treatment for hypotension with no noticeable cause:

  • Add a little more salt to your diet to increase the amount of sodium and potassium intake per diet.
  • Drink more fluids that are less carbonated as fluids tends to increase the blood volume thus preventing dehydration.
  • Compression stockings. This helps to avoid pooling of blood in the lower extremities of the body this helps to minimize the impact of neurally mediated hypotension (low blood pressure based on standing upright for too long), though this affects the elderlies,post-partum mothers and those who ha been on bed rest for a long period of time.
  • Doctors do recommend drugs like Orvaten to raise the blood pressure slightly by reducing the expansion of the blood vessels,midodrine also helps to reduce fainting spells.

Treatment for low blood pressure can only be effective when you adhere to your doctor’s advice strictly.

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