Sometimes as a guy, you will need to know how to turn a girl on over text if you really want her to love and appreciate you more as either a husband or even as a girlfriend. How to turn a girl on is a very important aspect of an intimate relationship between mature adults. There are many ways through which you can turn a girl on but for the purpose of this article, how to turn a girl on over text will be specifically dealt with because every once in a while, you might need to turn your girl on over text. Knowing how to turn a girl on while you are both on bed is not the only thing that can make her love having a relationship with you. You will need to learn how to turn a girl on through other means even if you are not physically there with her.

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There is a need for you to know what turns a girl on because it will help her value your relationship as her boyfriend and lover. The following are things to say to turn a girl on:

1: Ask her if she is alone

how to turn a girl on over text

The first thing tip to knowing how to turn her on is asking her if she is alone. This will help put her in the mood that you are trying to talk dirty with her or be sexy with her and that you don’t want any other person to be privy to this fact as it is private to just the two of you. The tone of voice with which you will say this will have to be very sexy as it will help turn her on and make her anticipate what else that you want to say.

2: What do you have on

how to turn a girl on over text

This is another question that will make her feel like being naked so that she will be able to make you wish that you were there with her. It will also make her feel horny that you are trying to seduce her through text messages. A girl that is very sexually active will start having the first stirrings of arousal when you ask her this question.

3: I wish I were there with you

how to turn a girl on over text

When she might have told you what she is putting on, you will need to further tell her that you wish you were there with her because of all that you will want to do with her right now. This usually works when you are away from where he is. You can go further to tell her about how you would have loved to peel her clothes off while raining kisses on her beautiful body. This will definitely make her start imagining how it always is with the two of you and it will in the long run turn her on because of the mental image you would have created in her mind’s eyes with your words.

4: Tell her what she does that turns you on

how to turn a girl on over text

Text her all the things that she does that helps to turn you on. You can also tell her what you appreciate most about her, probably her straight smooth legs, the way her body is finely curved or even her beauty. Women love to be complimented and they love it more when the compliment comes from the man in their lives. You can also tell her how hot you know she is and how proud you are to have her as your own woman.

5: What part of my body makes you horny and turns you on

how to turn a girl on over text

This question is yet another question that will go a very long way in making her horny because it will make her start thinking about that part of your body that turns her on. While in the process of imagining all these things and creating a mental picture in her mind’s eye, she will definitely get turned on by this.

6: Tell her how you feel about her

how to turn a girl on over text

One thing about turning a girl on through texts is the ability to tell her how you feel about her and about what you wish you could do to her at that very moment. It is an avenue through which you could be open and very aggressive towards the girl of your dreams. You can tell her how you wish you were there in order to be able to make mad hot love with her and how you will begin by tearing her clothes in order to get at her very quickly, how you will make her orgasm through the kind of oral sex that you will give to her.

7: Make sure that your texts are exciting and unique

how to turn a girl on over text

The art of turning a girl on through texts can become very boring if you as the man is not innovative that is if you keep making use of the same line. What turns a girl on during texts is the way you talk during the texts that is, the dirtier your chosen words are, the more turned on your woman will be. It should be taken note of that a woman can only be turned on by a bad boy and not a boy who is trying to be cute.

8: Make use of misinterpretations

how to turn a girl on over text

You can start your text by talking about a topic that you will be able to link to sex in a very easy and cool manner. All you will have to do is to pretend that you did not quite understand what the girl was talking about. If she is game for this, you will notice that she would not object to your misinterpretation but if she is not game, she will definitely get mad at your turning your conversation into a sexual kind.

9: Let the timing be right

how to turn a girl on over text

The last but not the least of the points for texting a girl in order to turn her on is simply through timing. Before you start sending her sexual texts, there will be a need for you to know if she is alone in the room and also to know if she is emotionally ready for the sexual text games.

Turning a girl on through texts is very possible if you really know how to do it right.

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