Some girls do know how to turn a guy on over text while some others don’t know. How to turn a guy on is a must to know for a lady if she must have a successful adult relationship with her man. There are so many ways to turn a guy on and some of the ways has to do with things to say to turn a guy on. Turning a guy on is the essence of an intimate relationship because a guy that you cannot turn on; will not be able to remain in a love relationship with you. This article will help enlighten you on how to turn a guy on over text without even being physically present with him. You must however have it in mind that men are easily turned on by what they see or hear if such a thing is said in a sexy way.

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How to turn a guy on

The following are how to turn a guy on and what turns a guy on:

1: I am going to bed naked and I wish you were here with me

how to turn a guy on over text

This will definitely turn your guy on most especially if you sent it at night when he is relaxed after the day’s work and he has all the time in the world to visualize you naked on the bed. Men are easily moved by sight and this does not have to be just the physical sighting of what they find desirable but it also has to do with the mental image created by the text you sent to him.

2: Sucking a pop sweet and thinking of you right now

how to turn a guy on over text

This is like an innuendo that you are sending to your guy because it will make him imagine that you are right there with him sucking on his penis and giving him the best oral sex of his life. This text will simply make him start first by imagining you sucking a pop sweet; he will then go ahead to imagine how your mouth will be moving up, down and around the pop sweet before he will finally imagine your mouth right there on his penis. This will definitely turn him on faster than you can ever imagine.

3: I wish I could make my fantasy about you become a reality right now

how to turn a guy on over text

This will keep him guessing as to what your fantasy about him is all about. He might even reply you wanting to know what you are fantasizing about him if he is interested. You can reply further by stating that you want to know if he is as good in bed as you have imagined him in your fantasy. This I bet you will turn him on and make him ready to take you to the highest height of orgasm that you have ever imagined when you do get together.

4: Ask him if he had ever dreamt about you making love with him

how to turn a guy on over text

Texting a guy in order to turn him on requires a little bit of boldness on your part. A girl that is not bold can never ever turn a guy on through texts and this is for the simple reason of the fact that texting a guy to turn him on requires that you write some dirty things and send to him. When you ask him this, it will make him start fantasizing about sex and what it will be like to really make love with you. While in the process of doing this, the man will definitely get turned on.

5: What will you like to do to me now if you were in bed with me right now

how to turn a guy on over text

This question will make a guy go crazy from wanting you in his bed at all possible cost. This will definitely make him start thinking about all that he could do with you if he were there with you or if you were here with him as the case may be. This is a very dirty text that will arouse the man as it will make him to start thinking dirty thoughts about you and while in the process of doing so; he will get really hard or turned on as you might want to say.

6: You can ask him what he will be doing tonight because you simply miss him

how to turn a guy on over text

This will make him happy that you are missing him. It will not only make him happy, it will make him think about all the things that he usually does to your body whenever you are spending the night together. Telling him at this stage that you miss him is an indirect way of you telling him that you miss his love making or that you wished that he was there with you to make mad hot love with you. This is a kind of innuendo that will make your man start thinking about you and it will also make him wish he were there with you and finally, it will turn him on.

7: You can use the opportunity to give him a compliment

how to turn a guy on over text

You can send him a text where you will be giving him a compliment on how you love his physique and how you wish you had the opportunity of being there to do some unimaginable things in bed to that handsome body of his. If he has been your boyfriend for some time now, you can tell him how you miss the way he cuddles you before you fall asleep right in his arms.

8: I am cold and bored because you are not here to warm me up and make my body get excited

how to turn a guy on over text

This is a really dirty way to talk to either your husband or your boyfriend who is probably away on a trip and you want him to still think about you as well as feel your presence where he is. It is a really good way of letting your man know that he means the world to you, that you appreciate all that he does with you when he is around and that you miss him whenever he is not around.

What turns a guy on is the power of sight or even imagination which can be easily conjured through the powerful tool of dirty talk text messages that you send to him.

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