Coconut oil is commonly known to be a perfect skin conditioner. Maybe, you never knew that using coconut oil on hair had an even more tremendous impact on the hair. Basically, coconut oil will do two important functions in your hair. It is responsible and usable for hair conditioning and hair hydration. It makes the hair feel soft and look healthy.

How To Use Coconut Oil for hair


You can use coconut oil for hair growth and other hair needs.


Hey, the silky hair is not for those guys alone. You can also get a silky looking hair by using coconut oil for hair.


a) Heat some amount of coconut oil in a bowl to warm and then allow it to cool down. Using your hands, apply it to your scalpand massage before you tie the hair up. Wrapping the hair only allows more time for absorption. At night, you should tie your hair with a piece of cloth or towel to prevent the oil from dripping and staining the bed and pillow covers

Doing this twice daily on a regular basis will transform your hair into a strong and silky looking hair.

b) Alternatively you can make a mixture of hibiscus flowers, neem leaves, curry leaves and coconut oil for hair. Dry the curry leaves, tear them along with the hibiscus and neem leaves into tiny pieces and mix it with the coconut oil. After that, heat your mixture and allow it to cool. Now, you can apply it to the scalp, massage through and leave it through the night. Shampoo your hair the next morning for that wonderful silky and glossy looking hair.


Especially for people with long hairs, it becomes much of a problem when the hair gets easily entangled and you have to spend some minutes every morning, trying to disentangle the hair. Coconut oil is here for you. It has the solution to your problem. Just use it in your hair before doing the brush or combing.

PROCEDURE: Heat some coconut oil till it is completely melted. Then, apply coconut oil on hair and massage through using your fingers from one end to another. After this, use your comb to gently dissociate the tangles.


How To Use Coconut Oil for hair

Probably, the various hair styling creams and conditioners gave you little complications that you decided not to use them anymore. But you don’t want to see all your hair fall off, do you? You can kill the dandruff with the coconut oil.

PROCEDURE: Fill a bowl with some coconut oil, heat it to melt. After it is melted, allow it about five minutes to cool and massage your scalp using coconut oil on hair. Now, just tie or wrap your hair in a piece of towel or cloth so that no stains reach your bed covers whiles you go to bed. The next morning wash your hair to get rid of any excess or shed off cells or particles. Preferably, you should use Epsom salt for this purpose.


Coconut oil is proven to penetrate hair deeper and even quicker than many hair conditioners.

PROCEDURE: Get your hair washed, heat some coconut oil in a jar or bowl to get it melted and allow it to cool for about 5minutes. Afterwards, use your fingers to massage through the hair with the coconut oil. Now, get your hair wrappedin a towel or any convenient material and allow it to be soaked in the oil for between 30minutes and an hour. You can now shampoo it to get rid of the oil.


Like I said earlier, coconut oil penetrates faster and deeper than many other conditioners and creams. Using this with other hair colouring products makes them even more effective.

PROCEDURE: As usual, heat your coconut oil till it melts. Now add the other colouring herbs you have available to it and mix. Afterwards, apply the mixture to your hair like how you usually do the hair colouring. Get your hair wrapped in a towel and leave it overnight. This will help maintain your hair colour for a longer while since the ingredients are soaked deeper into the scalp.


How To Use Coconut Oil for hair

Coconut oil can be used to enhance hair growth. The massaging of the oil into the hair scalp leads to an enhanced blood circulation which results in an improved hair growth.

PROCEDURE: Heat your oil, allow it to cool and massage it into the scalp for about 10 minutes. Remember not to use too much pressure when applying coconut oil for hair growth. Do this regularly on a daily basis or about four times per week to see an improvement in your hair growth.

CAUTION: When using coconut oil on hair, never heat the oil in a microwave as it may destroy necessary contents. The best way is to pour the oil in a smaller bowl and fix it in a bigger bowl containing boiling water and allow it to melt.

Now, you know how to use your coconut oil for hair enhancement and treatment. Do these the right way to give your hair an envious look. I wish you the best.

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