Inspirations can be drawn from any place that you notice that you can draw inspiration from and one of the great places of drawing inspiration from is the inspirational poems. Inspirational poems that are written by poets are sure good ways of helping some other people to be deeply inspired into doing things that are very inspirational because that is the whole essence of writing inspirational poems – to inspire people. It is also very important that a poet that is writing great poems that are inspirational in nature be very attentive and observant of what is happening around them because that is what will make them notice things that they can use as themes for any one of their inspirational poems. It is also very good when you as a poet are able to inspire all those that are around you with stories that inspire people that read them and most especially when such stories are written in the form of great inspirational poems that will be loved by all that read the poems.

Inspirational Poems
Inspirational Poems

Inspirational Poems

Here Are 20 Best Collected Inspirational Poems


Life is no bed of roses

For roses have thorns, you see,

But handling with care and balance

Will protect from injury.


All gardens have seasons of beauty

Where the flowers of our living grow

With colours and shapes aplenty

Sweet fragrance to bestow.


Life’s flowers need careful tending

For all life needs sun and rain,

And Love and Faith unending

For Hope to flower again!


It takes strength to be firm,

it takes courage to be gentle.

It takes strength to conquer,

it takes courage to surrender.

It takes strength to be certain,

it takes courage to have doubt.

It takes strength to fit in,

it takes courage to stand out.


It takes strength to feel a friend’s pain,

it takes courage to feel your own pain.

It takes strength to endure abuse,

it takes courage to stop it.

It takes strength to stand alone,

it takes courage to lean on another.

It takes strength to love,

it takes courage to be loved.


It takes strength to survive,

it takes courage to live.

Inspirational Poems
Inspirational Poems


Let nothing disturb thee;

Let nothing fright thee;

All things are passing;

God never changes.

Patience gains all things;

Who has God wants nothing;

God alone suffices.


I’m thankful for all happiness,

each long hour of deep sorrow;

God thus in his great mercy

gives more wisdom

for tomorrow.


Everything I needed,

I asked for in my prayers.

My prayers were always answered,

In many different pairs.


I asked God for some courage,

And he answered with a hum.

He gave me some dangers,

That I would overcome.


I asked God for some strength,

And he answered with a wrong.

He gave me some difficulties,

That would make me strong.


I asked God for some patience,

And he answered with a date.

He gave me some situations,

That I was forced to wait.


I asked God for love,

And he answered with throw.

He gave me lots of people,

That I could get to know.


I received nothing that I wanted,

Only that of which I need.

My prayers have all been answered,

With only a single plead.

Inspirational Poems
Inspirational Poems


There’s a river running bye

That wends upon its endless way,

There’s the gentle rush of water

And the rustling trees quiet sway,

There are birds that sing so sweetly

And a peace that’s something more,

We are truly happy travellers

in God’s Country!


There’s a river running bye

Down through Glen Orchy’s lovely vale,

Swirl and eddy reading every stone

As if some mystic braille,

Such a splendour that is timeless

As an ocean’s restless shore,

We are truly happy travellers

in God’s Country!


There’s a river running bye

And in the wonder of it all,

To my inner heart that answered

Some unheard persistent call

Comes the knowledge that here lies the key

To open wide the door,

That brings peace to happy travelers

in God’s Country!


Good morning and God bless

On this most wonderful of days

God given, lit by sunlight

Shafting down in golden rays.


The heart sings out its wondrous joy

In choir with birdsong sweet,

And all one’s love can employ

This beauteous day to greet.


Oh skies of azure

Blue as any skies could ever be,

How glad I am to meet this day

How well blessed to be me!


It’s not what you gather, but what you sow,

That gives the heart a warming glow.

It’s not what you get, but what you give,

Decides the kind of life you live.


It’s not what you have,

But what you spare.

It’s not what you take,

But what you share

That pays the greater dividend

And makes you richer in the end.


It’s not what you spend upon yourself

Or hide away upon a shelf,

That brings a blessing for the day.

It’s what you scatter by the way.


A wasted effort it may seem.

But what you cast upon the stream

Comes back to you recompense

Upon the tides of providence.

Inspirational Poems
Inspirational Poems


God blessed me one sunny day

He sent me an angel from so far away

To love and help me though all my woes

To guide and stand by me when I face my foes


Then one day God called her back

I missed my angel so I followed her tracks

Now in heaven all safe and sound

I see my angel flying around


Now it’s my turn to do a good deed

I’m sent back to earth to help people in need

So when life’s lessons are getting you down

Don’t sit there sulking and wearing a frown


Sit back and reflect all the good times you’ve seen

Like weddings , birthdays and place’s you’ve been

Think yourselves lucky because we are still here

To hold the memories of loved ones so dear


Why can’t we sleep forever

And live inside our dreams

Sheltered from the heartbreak

That life can sometimes bring

You could live in a world

Bordered only by your mind

And never have to worry

About running out of time

You could live out all your dreams

A life of love and laughter

Your every desire is fulfilled

You’d live happily ever after

You could take the stars

From the heavens up above

Then gift them to the one

That shares your feelings of love

You could gather every rose

For only there eyes to see

You would never have to question

Will this love forever be.


Even when those storm winds are blowing,

I’ll stand and fight them knowing

I’m not alone,

Not on my own.


Even when there’s hatred brewing,

I know what I’ll be doing;

I’ll laugh and smile,

Send it away awhile.


Even when there’s a huge earthquake,

I’ll stand tall and I won’t shake;

Let the pain go,

Let my joy show.


Even when there’s a strong hurricane,

I’ll wade unbending through the pain;

Help those who’ve fallen,

Welcome those who’re calling.


Even when someone’s been deserted,

I know they didn’t deserve it;

Become their friend,

It’s not the end.

Inspirational Poems
Inspirational Poems


Black is

Black is as beautiful as a bed of milky white clouds.

Black is as beautiful as soft as a newborn baby hair.

Black is as beautiful as standing up for what is right.

Black is as beautiful as trying on grandmother’s classy hats.

Black is as beautiful as you and I saying Hi!

Black is as beautiful as two sisters walking hand in hand.

Black is as beautiful as wading in a pond on a hot summer day.

Black is as beautiful as you holding your baby for the very first time.

Black is as beautiful as saying I miss you.

Black is as beautiful as going fishing with your dad.

Black is as beautiful as calling your mother on her birthday.

Black is as beautiful as two brothers playing basketball.

Black is as beautiful braiding your sister’s hair.

Black is as beautiful as grandpa taking you to the park.

Black is as beautiful as the sweet sound of a saxophone playing.

Black is as beautiful as eating mom’s Never Fell caramel cake.

Black is as beautiful as the bright rising sun.

Black is as beautiful as a simple kiss placed on the forehead.

Black is as beautiful as lilies on Easter morning.

Black is as beautiful as say I love you.

Black is me and I AM BEAUTIFUL.


Each month be sure to check your breasts,

To ensure there aren’t any unwanted guests.


Cancer’s next victim I will not be,

Checking yourself is the key.


Lumps and bumps I hope not to find,

Terrible tricks cancer plays on the mind.


A doctor’s visit once a year,

Will help to be sure you’re in the clear.


The battle with cancer many have lost,

Not checking monthly isn’t worth the cost.


October we celebrate those who fought and won,

And searching for a cure is never done.


You could be next if you don’t stop and think,

October…breast cancer awareness…yes…I will think pink!


One word can spark a moment,

One flower can wake the dream;

One tree can start a forest,

One bird can herald Spring.


One smile can bring a friendship,

One handclasp can lift a soul;

One star can guide a ship at sea,

One cheer can obtain a goal.


One vote can change a Nation,

One sunbeam can lift a room;

One candle wipes out darkness,

One laugh will conquer gloom.

One look can change two lives;

One kiss can make love bloom.


One step must start each journey,

One word must start each prayer;

One hope can raise our spirits,

One touch can show you care.


One voice can speak with wisdom,

One heart can know what’s true;

One life can make a difference,

One life is me and you….


Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,

And sorry I could not travel both

And be one traveler, long I stood

And looked down one as far as I could

To where it bent in the undergrowth;


Then took the other, as just as fair

And having perhaps the better claim,

Because it was grassy and wanted wear;

Though as for that, the passing there

Had worn them really about the same,


And both that morning equally lay

In leaves no step had trodden black

Oh, I kept the first for another day!

Yet knowing how way leads on to way,

I doubted if I should ever come back.


I shall be telling this with a sigh

Somewhere ages and ages hence:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I —

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.


I would not be too wise–so very wise

That I must sneer at simple songs and creeds,

And let the glare of wisdom blind my eyes

To humble people and their humble needs.


I would not care to climb so high that I

Could never hear the children at their play,

Could only see the people passing by,

And never hear the cheering words they say.


I would not know too much–too much to smile

At trivial errors of the heart and hand,

Nor be too proud to play the friend the while,

Nor cease to help and know and understand.


I would not care to sit upon a throne,

Or build my house upon a mountain-top,

Where I must dwell in glory all alone

And never friend come in or poor man stop.


God grant that I may live upon this earth

And face the tasks which every morning brings

And never lose the glory and the worth

Of humble service and the simple things.


One by one

take one step at a time

said her daddy, teaching her to walk

the little girl only one year old

she looked up and smiled

and let go of his hand.


Now seventeen years old

out driving in the snow

driving to fast, hitting a pole

after getting the news

her dad rushes to her

hearing the terrible

news, she may never walk again.


One by one, my dear

take one step at a time

said her daddy teaching

her to walk again.


She looked up with a smile

as she did sixteen years ago and

let go of his hand, for the last time.


Just for today

I will hold you close

will kiss you often

will smile with you

will take you for a walk

will keep you safe

will make you happy

will miss you more

will care for you

will hold your hand

will swing with you

just for today…….


Sometimes people go through life wondering what they’re here for

or who we are supposed to spend our lives with

or even what we will do when we get older.

I know I ask myself those questions all the time

but why spend life wondering, or asking questions?

Life is too short to live wondering why or what.

You need to live your life,

love with your whole heart and don’t hold back,

and laugh until you cry and it hurts to laugh anymore.

Life is here one day and gone the next.

So live like it is your last day to live,

and love like you’ve never been hurt.


I was thinking today about the blessing of Friendship.

With this mind I stopped and bought a gift for you.

I would like to give it to you. Would you like to know what it is.

I will tell you.

You may recognize the contents..

designed with you in mind.


A little understanding

A few kind words

A little compassion

A Smile or two

A little love to


Do you recognize the contents.

there what you share with me,

I thought you could use them to..enjoy.


I will walk slowly through this day;

I leave what is not needed behind from yesterday.

I will treasure all the knowledge to move forward

What I do today will not change or erase the past..

I move on knowing that today I will do differently than before,

If I fail there will be another tomorrow and a future tomorrow for hope..

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