Home screen wallpapers can come in grid, shelf and other personalized screen designs. The shelf designs for iphone home screen, limit the appearance of your apps to an arrangement on shelves. You can go for the non-restricting backdrops for iphone home screens if you prefer more movement of your apps. The screen size of the iphone is a limiting factor to the display of wallpapers for iphone. Designers of wallpapers for iphone constantly update their designs with new improvements that are more suitable for the smartphone. These are some new home screen wallpapers for iphone.

The blueprint iphone home screen is a wallpaper for iphone which is designed to look like actual blueprint design of the iphone interface. It gives a laid out plan of where each app is supposed to be placed.

The fresh touch is a well-designed iphone home screen which displays the apps on a garden shed. This home screen wallpaper is suitable for iphone users who appreciate gardens and flowers

Hanging is an iphone home screen that is designed as a drying line. It displays the apps hanged and pegged on a drying line. It also gives the user a picture of a sunny day. The size of the hang home screen wallpaper is suitable for most iphone screen sizes.

These are some of the new and improved iphone home screen wallpapers that are modified to fit the iphone screen and also display the apps on the phone in a better arrangement.

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