Knowing how devastating the symptoms of bronchitis can be, many are the people that shy away from infected persons, trying to avoid any close contact. Some people may even misconstrue the associated cough for a tuberculosis infection.

is bronchitis contagiousKnowing how contagious tuberculosis is, many conclude that bronchitis is contagious as well. The other set of people think otherwise.However, the cause of bronchitis is what makes bronchitis contagious or not contagious.


Viruses are responsible for making bronchitis contagious. Bronchitis caused by other factors such as industrial pollution may not be contagious. However, viruses that cause bronchitis are transferrable from person to person. Acute bronchitis is more likely to be contagious. When a person sneezes or coughs, the viruses may be transferred into the air which may be inhaled and therefore contracted by other persons. Especially, flu induced bronchitis are highly contagious.


Other factors that cause bronchitis are air pollution, smoke and cigarette smoking. Chronic bronchitis is usually caused by these factors. Unlike bacteria and viruses that are transferrable from person to person, these factors or causes are not transferrable, hence, making themnoncontagious.  The chronic symptoms usually do not make bronchitis contagious.

However, you can’t differentiate a contagious bronchitis from a noncontagious one by simply observing faces. Therefore, it is necessary to use preventive measures to avoid contagious bronchitis as well as stopping practices that make bronchitis contagious such as sharing of towels, nose masks etc.


  1. Infected persons must try to use anti-spreading techniques such as covering the nose and mouths when sneezing or coughing to prevent getting others infected.
  2. By washing the hands regularly and or using hand sanitizers.
  3. Avoid being in close contact with infected personsto minimize the risk of getting infected.
  4. Try to avoid touching the eyes, mouth and nose as the fingers may carry viruses from and into the body.

Now, if I may ask “is bronchitis contagious?”

In a nutshell, bronchitis may be contagious or noncontagious. To be on a safer side, consider it as completely contagious and man yourself against it. Have a nice day.

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