Whooping cough is the common name for a respiratory sickness or condition called pertussis. It is caused by a bacteria type known as Bordetella pertussis. The condition is the result of the bacteria attaching themselves to important regions in the upper respiratory system such as the cilia. They cause inflammation and swelling in the airways and cilia by producing toxins.

is whooping cough contagious

People keep wondering if whooping cough is contagious. Without a shade of doubt, it is. The bacteria can easily be passed on from persons to persons by airborne means and through physical contact.


Let’s take a look at the times and acts that make whooping cough contagious.

  1. Early stages: It is most contagious in the period before the coughing starts. The bacteria are very active by then and are easily transferred into the air.
  2. Kissing: This contributes to making whooping cough contagious as the bacteria are transferred via saliva from infected persons. Parent-baby kissing, romance kiss and many other forms of kissing may lead to transmission.
  3. Coughs and sneezes: These acts pass the causative bacteria into the air and may be inhaled by siblings or other close by friends or relatives.
  4. Babies usually contract them from parents and siblings.

Since it is most contagious even before signs of coughs begin to show, the best suggested solution is to do immunizations or vaccinations against it. They may even seem as symptoms of sinusitis or bronchitis. Just be vaccinated to be safe.

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