Hey, it’s 2016. Get trendy with a latest whatsapp status. Your whatsapp status must reflect current trends, no old styles or news. Are you concerned about how to find a latest status for whatsapp? It’s no big deal; Google them, formulate them, borrow them etc. Let your friends see, read, and enjoy your latest status for whatsapp. A good one is definitely gonna get your pals hitting your inbox and some may even give you a call.

latest whatsapp status

But what is a latest whatsapp status? Are you asking? Do I even know? A whatsapp latest statuscould be any status that is not old fashioned nor with old contents. Getting a latest status for whatsapp is no big deal. It’s all about staying in tune with current trends, not using a status for too long etc. Without wasting much of your time, let’s take a look at the 5 commandments for a whatsapp latest status that you should know.


Before you use a prospective latest whatsapp status, it must meet, at least, one of the following whatsapp latest status commandments.

1) In order to maintain a latest whasapp status, thou shall not use a single status for more than a week. A status that lasts more than a month on your account shall be considered as not a latest whastapp status, unless it concerns a hyped or major event that is still not due yet.

2) A latest status for whatsapp shall not be about an archaic culture or past years’ news, unless in honour of an anniversary.

Example: Today marks … years since 9/11. I’m saddened.

3) A qualified latest whatsapp status should be one that is about an upcoming or current event, circumstance etc.

Example: Kicking my shoes already in 2016.

4) A status shall be classified as a whatsapp latest status if it talks about a current modern gadget.

Example: My life feels like an Iphone 6 plus; so sleek

5) A latest status for whatsapp shall be one that is devoid of old school slang words and full off modern day short hands and jargons.

Example: I just saw a cat trying to mount a puppy. Lmao!

Hey, all the above are just my thoughts on getting a latest status for whatsapp. There are no real rules for choosing a whatsapp latest status. The matter of what is a latest whatsapp status is more subjective than objective. –It is more of the newest status you just began using. Your written status, being a latest status for whatsapp or not, is more dependent on what is currently happening in your life, your mood, workplace etc. than what others think. However, you may use these commandments as a little guide when planning or formulating a latest status for whatsapp. Meanwhile, make use of any latest whatsapp status you like from the few below.

  1. My work progress is moving like 2016. It’s so fast

  2. Some are living life like drunk driving – so careless

  3. The prettiest ladies do one thing in common – attraction

  4. You can’t have my wife; she’s my mine, and not a gold mine

  5. Why is I me, we us, but you you? Decipher

  6. I see her cheat, yet she denies. Months after; she sees me gone, and then she cries

  7. Why do some women cheat? They are unfaithful – Why do some men cheat? Uncontrolled libido

  8. The greatest risk in life? Going to bed – you are not certain to wake up, nor know who comes around

  9. What were you expecting to see, my latest whatsapp status? Okay, this is it!

  10. My mum may not be all I’ve got, but she’s all I need

  11. It is said that “your wish is my command”. For me, your wish is my desire

  12. Why I smile? You. Why I cry? You. Why I work? You. Everything I do, is just for you

  13. My greatest failure in life – I could never say I love you

  14. It takes a lot of courage to love someone; appreciate your lover

  15. When you feel guilty, it’s not because your brain is faulty – it’s because you are human

I hope you’ve gotten for yourself a whatsapp latest status from the above ones. Maybe not; these are just fifteen. However, it’s easy to formulate, and easier to copy – feel free to start using the latest whatsapp statuses right away.