Low testosterone in women (low T) may have negative impacts on their libido; it causes them to be depressed with evidences of mood swing.

Naturally, men produce androgens one of which is testosterone, however high level of testosterone in women may cause them to have high libido, facial features which makes them look like men some of which are hairy breast and moustaches which in most cases may not be considered normal by men. So when you hear low testosterone you might be too quick to think it is all about men uhmm? No. there is actually low testosterone in women too.

Low Testosterone In Women
Low Testosterone In Women

However good testosterone in women is, it also matters that women do not have abysmally low testosterone, though not much dire consequences are attached to mildly low testosterone in women.

Testosterone is produced by the ovaries and the adrenals. Women who had undergone surgical removal of their adrenals may still be able to produce testosterone without much side effects such as changes in sleep patterns, low sex drive and mood swing according to a reproductive endocrinologist at the University of Chicago Dr. Cohen, MD.

Low T in women may be caused by withdrawal from birth control pills so before you pull out on contraceptive pills do try to see your doctor.

There are several effects of low levels of testosterone in women which are the following:

1. Low sex drive

Women at menopause stage do have dips in sexual drive which is a result of poor or low levels of testosterone. However testosterone patches may help to restore their libido, though other therapies and sexual creativity may help to restore their libido.

2. Poor cognitive functions

Poor cognitive responses have been linked with low testosterone in women. Cognitive fatigue is one of the several issues that women face when they experience dips in testosterone levels.

3. Inability to manage pain levels

Low testosterone women do have difficulty managing pain. This may further be aggravated by birth control pills according to a journal research in Pain. However estrogen and testosterone balancing may help to restore their ability to respond properly to pain.

4. Mood swing and depression

Depression and unexplained emotional symptoms has also been linked to low levels of testosterone. Low testosterone women may experience lack of energy, blue mood and lack of desire for activities.Healthy levels of testosterone help to stabilize mood and maintain mental focus. Low androgen levels in women may cause several other neuropsychiatric symptoms such as loss of interest in outdoor activities.

5. Changes in sleep

Changes in Sleep may be experienced by women having low T. However if you discover you have disruptionsin your sleep pattern for up to 5 weeks do talk to your doctor.

6. Changes in muscle tone and bone strength

Women may experience fatigue and reduced muscle tone which may also cause bone porosity and reduced bone density. This may be evidenced by body appearance. This is very common in women in their mid 30s.Osteoporosis is common in women over 50 years due to rapid decline in the level of testosterone.

7. Vaginal dryness

This may in women with low T which makes most affected women have lack of desire for sexual intimacy. Painful coitus may result from this as well. Low T affects men in this way too.

8. Irregular menstrual cycles

Less than normal menstrual cycles may be experienced by women who have low T as well as lighter-than-normal menses. Missed menstrual periods may also be experienced occasionally due to irregularities in the production of other hormones that are actively involved in the monthly cycle.

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