Testosterone is what makes men feel sexy, puts hair under the armpits and those private places you don’t have access to except you are….You know where am going? However low testosterone in men may harm and impact negatively the growth and development of secondary sexual characteristics.

Testosterone helps to build muscle tone, deepen male voice, elongates the penile and testicular size as well drive sperm production.

Low Testosterone Symptoms In Men
Low Testosterone Symptoms In Men

Low testosterone symptoms in men cut across almost every aspect of their lives. Low testosterone levels in men may also affect their cognitive ability, emotional state and well-being.

Testosterone begins to decline when men are stepping towards adulthood around the age of 30 years.

Several studies has shown that older men do suffer low testosterone symptoms due to rapid decline in the level of production as they age. Some of the low testosterone signs are: increased fat around the belly, increased tendency to become obese, cardiovascular health issues and arthritis.

Low T could be caused by secondary hypogonadism as well as testicular insufficiencies, congenital defects and syndromes.

According to a WebMD report, “More men are getting older, and men are more open about talking about erectile dysfunction,” Mezitis, an endocrinologist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, tells WebMD.

Other low t signs are infertility and insufficient absorption of calcium in the body.

Symptoms of low testosterone in men

There are both visible and invisible signs and symptoms of low testosterone in men, some are noticeable in the way they handle life affairs, while others are private and hidden; here are few of the low testosterone symptoms in men:

1. Impacted desire to have sexual intimacy

According to Dr. Jason Hedges, MD, a urologist at Oregon health and science university, Portland, low testosterone and gradual decline has not been evidential enough to explain near-total lack of desire in coitus, but it’s very vital to know that one of the low T symptoms is aversion to sex caused by dips in testosterone level.

2. Delay in growth of secondary sexual features

Pubescent boys and adolescents who had testosterone deficiencies do have a hard time developing those secondary sexual characteristics which actually is the secret of maleness. Boys who experience early onset of depression may be diagnosed with low T due to its importance in the development of healthy self-esteem. So if you notice this low T symptoms in your boys, it’s time to see the doctor, also psychological evaluation might be necessary on certain occasions.

3. Changes in sleep pattern

It is not uncommon for men with low T to experience changes in their sleep pattern as well as frequent sleep disturbances. This may be worsen by night sweats and hot flashes if it occurs in the night.

4. Infertility

Prolonged Infertility may be one of the signs of low testosterone. Men who have low T may have a hard time producing healthy and motile sperm cells, this may be corrected by taking testosterone boosting foods and fruits,  and taking zinc supplements.

5. Lack of motivation

This is another subtle example of symptoms of low testosterone. It may be worsened by low self-esteem. Depression may follow suit as men with low T has been reported to have fewer serotonin reuptake sites which helps in lightening the mood.

6. Bone fractures

This may be explained by low calcium in blood circulation. This is another impact of low testosterone. Bone mineral density reduces with time, this may be the cause of osteoarthritis in older men as they approach old age.

Symptoms of low testosterone in men may be treated by dealing with the underlying causes, few of the available options are testosterone patches, injections, gels, hormonal replacement therapies and psychological evaluation in cases where there is lack of positive and healthy self-esteem.

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