Male hormone imbalance may cause several life alteration and experiences that borders on physical outlook and psychological well-being.

Hormone imbalance in men do have a great toll on men as most of the androgenic hormones are targeted towards maintain a healthy self-esteem and support for life processes. The significance of male hormones especially testosterone goes beyond maintaining healthy sex drive and libido, other areas such as stamina, heart health.

Hormone Imbalance Symptoms
Male Hormone Imbalance Symptoms

Hormonal imbalance in men may go as far as predisposing men to terminal ailments such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus II and increase in mortality rate.

Male hormone imbalance may be due many number of causes such as the following:

1. Obesity and increasing body fat

2. Secondary hypogonadism

3. Reduction in Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) hormone a precursor in the production of estrogen and testosterone, which if impacted may affect testicular production

4. Reduced liver function

5. Oxidative stress and tissue damage among others

Symptoms of hormonal imbalance

Hormone imbalance in men may trigger the following symptoms:

1. Fat loss

There are emerging facts that declining testosterone levels may affect fat metabolism by blocking lipoprotein lipase which is very necessary for fat cells’ fat uptake and also increase rate of fat burning by increasing fat receptors on cellular membranes.

2. Fatigue

This could be caused by inadequate glucose metabolism due to increased sensitivity of insulin and resultant insulin resistance. Increase in muscle fibers and reduction in fat mass causes more energy to be dissipated within short frame of time with this development thus resulting in recurrent fatigue. This may be seen in aging men who loses their testosterone production efficiency over time due to age, youthful testosterone supplements may help to restore their youthful vitality.

3. Bone weakness and bone pain under fatigue

This happens due to reduced bone mass and bone of the relative signs of hormonal imbalance in this regard is bone osteoporosis and heightened risk of having bone fractures which is highly related to estrogen and testosterone insufficiencies.

4. Reduced cognitive ability and impacted self-esteem

A good and healthy and self-esteem is one of the things that arises from a well-balanced serum hormonal concentration. One of hormonal imbalance symptoms in men is poor and unhealthy self-esteem. A positive outlook on life is very vital to aging well and healthy.

5. Sleep apnea and insomnia

Sleep apnea and insomnia are also male hormone imbalance symptoms.

6. Depression and anxiety

These are some of the hormonal imbalance symptoms that are related to serotonin reuptake deficiencies arising from testosterone and estrogen insufficiency.

7. Heart palpitations.

8. Night sweats and hot flashes.

9. Hair loss

10. Erectile dysfunction.

This is another classic one of symptoms of hormone imbalance in men. Underproduction of testosterone causes erectile dysfunction as well because it has effect on circulatory process to the genitalia.

11. Development of breast in men.

12. Increased irritability and rapid mood changes.

Hormone imbalance symptoms may be alleviated by examining the root causes of which examples are primary or secondary hypogonadism and testicular problems. Hormone imbalance symptoms start showing up right after 20 years when growth hormones levels begin to decline which occurs every 10 years.

Hormone replacement therapies has proven to be beneficial to older men and those who suffers from hormonal imbalance symptoms due to tumors and cancers that affect the pituitary or the brain.

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