There are certain basic rules that guide every meaningful, long lasting and intimate relationship and the relationship of men seeking men are no exception to these basic healthy relationship rules.  Due to the importance of these basic relationship rules, it is very important that a man seeking man should do all that is within his power to know all these rules and not just to know them but to also act it in order for his relationship to yield a positive result of being healthy, satisfying, fulfilling and long lasting. If you are in the category of men looking for men then you should learn and master these rules, use them on your partner not just when you are trying to attract them but also when you have already begun an intimate relationship with them.

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Men seeking men

men seeking men

If you are a man seeking man then you have come to the right place where you will be given some tips on the best way to go about seeking for and getting the attention of the man of your dreams.  The following are some of the essential basic rules that will help you get the man of your dreams as a partner faster than you can ever imagine:

1: Know what you want

men seeking men

This has a whole lot to do with being confident. Before going ahead to seek for a partner as men looking for men, you need to know the kind of man that you are really looking for and this is based on his character, his physique and so on. Knowing what you want will definitely make you confident in going after what you want whenever you see such a man. Not knowing what you are looking for in terms of quality will make you go just after anyone that comes across your way and this should not be the case for someone who is interested in a meaningful and a lasting relationship.

2: Study the man

men seeking men

One of the rules for men seeking men is that when you think that you have seen the kind of man that you are looking for in terms of physique then you will need to study such a person to know if he matches what you want in terms of character traits or even quality. There is a need for you to take time out to study such a man when he is not even aware of the fact that he is being studied for the purpose of having an intimate relationship with. Learn not to be biased when you are studying the man that you have probably marked out as your would be partner.

3: Eye contact

men seeking men

When you are sure that you have seen what you are looking for in terms of physique and character traits, you will then need to start maintaining eye contact with such a person whenever you are with him. This works pretty well for a man seeking man kind of relationship. When you are talking to or with him, always make sure that you are maintaining eye contact with him. This not only goes to depict you as a bold man who is confident of what he is doing, it will also help to pass the message that you care for him in a very good way. Not losing concentration when you are talking with him will show him that you are interested in what he is saying and that you value his being with you and talking with you a lot. Avoid distraction when you are talking with him.

4: Be sociable

men seeking men

Learn to start up a conversation with the guy that has caught your fancy and this will help you if you are among the group of men looking for men. Look for things that will make you have some lengthy kind of discussion with him and not just a monosyllabic discussion. Ask him open ended questions that will keep him talking for quite some time. From his answer to your question, you can also ask him about one of the points that he mentioned while he was answering your question and get him to talk more on such a point. You can also start off a discussion with him by paying him some sort of compliment like how great his shirt is or even the color of the shirt on how it helps to complement his skin color. You can also compliment him about his physical build or even muscles as the case may be.

5: Keep smiling

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When you are having this great conversation with the man that you have chosen to become your partner, there is a need for you to show that you are enjoying whatever that he is saying with the smile on your place. Don’t let the smile look or even appear forced or artificial, make sure that the smile is true and genuine (after all you like this guy and you have every intention of making him exclusively yours in an intimate relationship). The smile not only lets him know that you are interested in what he is saying; it also lets him know that you concentrating on what he is saying and enjoying every bit of it. A smile also helps to portray your nice and good nature to him.

6: Be humorous

men looking for men

People like having people with a good and healthy sense of humor around them because a good joke makes one smile and tends to let the person get over whatever stress such a person is feeling. A good sense of humor will help him get over feeling bad because of things that are probably not moving as he wants or not as fast as he wants. There is nothing that does good to a sad heart like a great sense of humor that leads to either a laughter or even a smile. Have a good sense of humor and you will see your would be partner always wanting to spend time with you.

Men seeking men can be less complicated once you follow the above mentioned steps in seeking and attracting the man of your dreams.

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