Missing you poems for her can be kind of a very nostalgic nature because it is always a way of making her that you miss know that she is loved, appreciated and missed. I miss you poems for her can be a very good form of letting her know that she is valued greatly and that her presence is deeply missed.

Missing You Poems For Her
Missing You Poems For Her

Missing You Poems For Her


My Facebook status right now is

I am sad and lonely

My latest WhatsApp status says

Come back to me quickly

My latest tweets shout out

I miss you very much

My Google Plus update is

I want your loving touch

You are aware of my feelings

And I know you are reading all this

So why don’t you do the right thing

Baby, come back and give me a kiss

Missing You Poems For Her
Missing You Poems For Her


My heart is yearning for you my dear,

Without you in my life, there is no happiness or cheer,

All day long I just remember your face,

That loving charm and pretty grace,

I miss you lots and I really mean it,

Today I want to admit,

I can’t live without you,

I miss you sweetie!


How much I miss you

I simply cannot tell

It’s like, on me

You’ve cast a magic spell

Words are not enough

To convey my feelings

When you’re not around

Everything is irritating

I don’t know how much longer

I can keep going this way

Your hugs are all that my heart

Needs to go YAY

Missing You Poems For Her
Missing You Poems For Her


I don’t know how you’re coping up

With being hundreds of miles away

But I feel like a star in the sky

Fading away, day after day

It’s been too long since

The last time we were together

Without you, life means nothing to me

It feels like everything is over

I miss you


I miss the warmth of your love,

Your oh so tender touch,

I miss the smirk of your eyes,

The talks which were so sweet,

I really miss being with you,

That is so true,

I wanna see you soon and hold your hand,

And make you understand,

That I really can’t stay without you,

I miss you!

Missing You Poems For Her
Missing You Poems For Her


I miss you my love,

I miss those kisses so sweet,

The way we used to embrace

The way we used to meet

I miss you a lot my dear

I miss your naughty smirk,

That endless lurk

I miss you a lot,

Please come back!


On the outside, I act

All macho and masculine

But I am broken

From deep within

At first sight, nothing

Seems to be wrong

But on introspection, my life

Feels like a sad song

Without you baby

Everything seems bleak

Come back soon

I’ve become very weak

I miss you

Missing You Poems For Her
Missing You Poems For Her


Hey girl

I miss you so much

Hey sweetheart

I miss your sizzling touch

Hey baby

I miss looking at your face

Hey angel

I miss your embrace

Hey beautiful

I miss everything about you

When you get back

Lots of kisses will be due


That cute back hug which you gave,

Those feelings unsaid,

You are my life you know,

I may not have many words to show

But, it’s your absence

This has made me realize

That I miss you a lot,

From my every thought!


Missing you is not a choice,

But a feeling for me

Because I was so happy in your company

Because you gave me all the glee

Missing you was not a choice

It is in my destiny,

I love you a lot!

I miss you a lot!

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