It is also very important that you let him know how much that he is valued because of the simple fact that he is in your heart all the time. Missing you poems for him are used to let the person know that he holds a special place in your heart and that such a place can never be replaced by another person and that is the reason why I miss you poems for him are great if you ever want to let him know that he is special to you but he is not presently with you know that you still think of him through the use of missing you poems for him.

Missing You Poems For Him
Missing You Poems For Him

Missing You Poems For Him


Just like how night

Turns into day

And for light

Darkness makes way

We are both

Two sides of a coin

With our hearts

Inseparably joined

I miss you

In a way so bad

That it is making me

Go completely mad


Each morning I wake up

thinking of you

I remember you’re not with me

and it makes me feel blue

I miss your smile

I miss your touch

Sometimes my heart aches

I miss you so much

I call you on the telephone

I write to you in a letter

You always tell me I’m not alone

You always make me feel better

I’m writing this to let you know

just how much I love you so

Even though we’re miles apart

your right here beside me

inside my heart

Missing You Poems For Him
Missing You Poems For Him


Since the time you left me alone,

Since the time you are gone,

Nothing feels the same,

I really don’t have anyone to blame,

Destiny has made us apart,

But, you are always in my heart,

I miss you a lot,

I miss you a lot!


My biggest fear in life

Was to be away from you

I’ve been living a nightmare

Since that came true

Day after day, life is stuck

In loneliness and misery

Why did fate have to

Take you away from me

I miss you


Each day I spent without you makes me miss you so very much

Each night I dream about you

I long to feel your touch

If I could just see your face or kiss your gentle lips

If I could only hear your voice

All these little things I miss

So I just want you to know

There’s nothing I wouldn’t do

If I could just once again Be With You

Missing You Poems For Him
Missing You Poems For Him


I am missing you so much,

I really long for your touch,

Sometimes I feel so numb,

Sometimes I also act dumb,

Please come back soon my love,

Can’t really live without you,

I really miss you a lot,

I really do!


I am tired of meeting you

Again and again in my dreams

To meet you in person

My heart is bursting at the seams

My mind and my soul

Desperately need a sweet treat

I miss you so much

Baby, when will we meet?


When I see your pictures on Instagram

I feel that my whole life is turning into a scam

Every tweet of yours, I closely follow

Until my own tears, I have to swallow

Your updates in my Facebook feed

Make my heart weep and bleed

I can’t take this any more

Being away from you has made me sore

I miss you


I did not know what you mean to me,

Until you are gone so far,

Now, I know what your real worth is,

What you really are,

I am missing you very much,

I really mean a lot,

You are in my every thought!


All the pictures of you and me

Are a sweet reminder of the good times

It was when we could be together

Life, was like a sweet poetry in perfect rhyme

But now that you’ve gone away

Everything has been thrown askew

Plunged, in a painful sense of chaos

My life, can only be set straight by you

I miss you

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