Missing you poems are great for anyone that really wants to show that he is a true friend indeed. Missing you poems can also be used between siblings that do not stay together at a place again and these missing you poems can also be used between lovers who are living apart from each other.

Missing You Poems
Missing You Poems

Missing You Poems


I search the skies, the faraway oceans

hoping you’d feel my emotions,

hoping the gentle breeze will bring me

a whisper of your voice,

a glimpse of your aura,

a quiver of your breath,

a ray of your love.

I’m waiting for you, my dear,

with all my heart, I want you near.


Let me tell you about a game I play

Where I close my eyes and fade away


I float away to a special place

Beyond the stars and moon and space


In this special place you see

There are only two people – just you and me


In this place, all is right

Nothing but love, and we never fight


In this place, there is no sadness

No cells, no courts, none of that madness


No rules to follow, no laws to break

No bars to hold us or separate


No one to tell us we can’t kiss or touch

I don’t just tell you “I love you” – I show you how much


But eventually the game must end

My eyes must open, and reality sets in


But someday soon – I’m not sure when

I will close my eyes and play my game again

Missing You Poems
Missing You Poems


My heart aches when I talk to you

My heart aches when I don’t hear from you

My heart aches when I long for you


I don’t know why

You’ve taken over my thoughts

I can’t explain


You’re still a stranger

Far away

I want you close by


I miss your embrace

Holding you close

My heart aches


I miss you!


I miss you at night as I gaze upon the stars

I miss you during the day as clouds cover my sun

I miss you and want to hold you in my arms

I miss you so much, my dear, I feel no more fun.

I miss your smile, your joy, your lips

I wish you would be here, my loneliness grips.


My mind is traveling to far places seeking your beauty

My heart beating faster and faster with your memory

My being fading its joy, my eyes all teary.

My days are going by so slowly, oh so slowly

This painful longing penetrates my heart deeply

My soul cries out for you more and more strongly.

You are my dear love, my life, my everything

Yearning the day to be together once more

For that day to be here now I’d give anything

Don’t ever leave me again, sweetie, you I implore.


There are times

when I feel your presence

at my side


There are times

when I hear you say

it will be alright


There are times

when I see

your face in a crowd

and I turn around


There are times

when I miss you

and my heart begins to ache

and I smile through the pain


But then there are times

when I realize

this is just the way

it has to be

there’s no you and me


There are times when

I feel strong

and I know that I

can finally move on


There are times when

my mind is at ease

and I can enjoy life

and all it can bring


There are times when

I miss you

and times when I’m okay

it’s getting better everyday


No matter how much time

there is in this life

I’ll think of you

from time to time

and remember you with a smile.

Missing You Poems
Missing You Poems


I miss you so much it hurts, my love

I miss you with every fiber of my being

I miss you like there is no tomorrow, my dove

I miss you fervently, it’s all my loving.

I miss you with my entire heart

I wish we were no longer apart.

My heart beats only for you, faster and faster

My legs are shaking just thinking about you

My eyes are watery, tears flowing larger and larger

My whole being is trembling for you.

My arms are craving to hold you once more

My soul is withering away deep from its core.

I miss you desperately, with everything I got

I miss you darling, I miss you every single day

I miss you sweetheart, my loving ache so hot

I miss you my dear love, I miss you all the way.

I miss you and I can take it no longer

Come back to me and our love will be stronger.


I remember how it used to be

when nothing else matter but you and me

music, country roads, and future dreams.


I miss you, I wish you could see

although you are here, I miss you and me.


I remember when you said how happy I made you

and you really meant it…now, it’s just a phrase

you say without thinking.


I miss those days when you’d call just to say “hi”

or “I love you”…the days it was so hard

just to say good-bye for a while.


I remember how wonderful it felt the first time

you held me in your arms-and how after all those

years you still made my heart melt.


I miss the old you- and the old me

The old us that could just sit and talk for hours

and never run out of things to say.


I remember when time simply stood still-

when in each other’s arms is the only place

we wanted to be…forever.


I miss us as I remember how it used to be…

when nothing else matter but you and me.


I know it hurt you

It hurt me too,

But now that you are gone,

All I know is I miss you.


You were there for so long,

I never thought you would leave.

I thought you had so many years,

waiting up your sleeve.


That day you left,

Was the saddest of my life

I remember going home,

And crying all night.


I might be selfish,

But I wish you were still here.

Or if you stayed,

For at least one more year.


I know you loved me,

I still love you too,

So Im trying to be good,

Just for you.


I know Im not perfect,

I never will be.

But I hope your up there,

Proud of me.


You had to let go,

Even though you were holding on for so long

But theres not a day I dont think of you,

And how you were so strong.


You never complained,

Or said why me?

You just knew,

That thats the way it was meant to be.


So I just want to tell you,

Even though I still cry,

That I miss you so much,

And Im glad you said goodbye.


You were on my mind when i woke up this morning

remembering your smile

i guess the next time i’ll see your face

will take a little while

i was remembering your arms around me

love the way they always feel warm

with you by my side

i completely feel no harm

i was remembering your voice

makes my heart skip a beat

but without you baby

my whole body’s weak

i was remembering our times

the good and the bad

the funny times when you cheered me up

and especially the sad

remembering your eyes

how they always meet mine

remembering all the little things you do

to make my life worthwhile

i was wondering when we’ll be together

just us two

i guess i’m missing you more than i usually do


I miss you

I miss the hours we would spend talking,
being open and honest and free
I miss how my heart would breath a sigh of
relief because you brought me peace

I miss the feeling of hope and happiness
and how with you I always felt content

I miss you

I miss the hours I would spend lying
by your side tracing the lines upon your skin
I miss the way you held me close enough
to hear your heartbeat, I wish I could hear it again

I miss you

I miss you every minute of everyday
it’s an ache, a sadness, an emptiness
that doesn’t ever go away

I miss you

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