Do you feel so bloated, your tummy start singing one of those hullabaloo songs when it shouldn’t, something must be wrong somewhere, it may be constipation. You went to the toilet but nothing is happening despite that your tummy is filled up with gas, it may be painful sometimes. There are quick ways to relieve constipation, but how? If you don’t have bowel movement frequent as you should, it could be constipation. Normally you should have bowel movements up to 3 times in a week, anything short of that coupled with straining at stooling are some of the characteristics of constipation. Through natural remedies for constipation. Home remedies for constipation can also work for indigestion as they are mutually nonexclusive.

So you need immediate constipation relief? Here is how to relieve constipation, all contained in this article.

Natural remedies for constipation
9 Natural remedies for constipation for immediate constipation relief

Natural remedies for constipation

The following under-listed points are constipation remedies you can use at home, all are within your reach.

1. Fiber foods

Eat a lot of fiber foods especially whole grain foods such as cereals, bread, starchy vegetables e.g. corn, green peas and potatoes among others. Fiber content more than 5-6 grams is high-fiber, if you are allergic to high fiber you may mix your food recipe with your usual cereals. Fibers increase the rate of bowel movement. If you are allergic to barley it is always good to stay away from it. Gluten-based barley may not be good for you as it may cause celiac disease.

2. Eat fruits and vegetables on a regular basis

Fruits such as banana, apple, cider, rhubabs, guava, grapes, raw spinach and oranges. They have naturally occurring laxative that may increase the rate of bowel movement.

3. Stop refined foods or cut it down

Do you eat refined foods? You may have to stop it as it may increase your chances of get constipated. Refined sugar drinks and soda may not be for you so do try to cut down on them. Also try to reduce the degree of heat you apply to your vegetables in order to preserve the vitamins and fiber content in the leaves. So also, diets consisting or brown rice with about 2.4 grams of fiber should be included in your diet. This helps constipation cures. Another example of constipation remedies on refined foods is popcorn and potato chips, they help a lot. You may garnish this with fried egg to make it a balance diet.

4. Taking dried or fresh figs

Another method on how to relieve constipation is by taking dried or fresh figs, prune it, get a fresh papaya. Cut the figs into chips and blend it with the papaya (pawpaw), you may drink the juice regularly to relieve constipation.

5. Taking warm water immediately

Another natural remedies for constipation are taking warm water immediately after food increasing your fluid intake to help soften your stool, this may help in enhancing your bowel movements.

6. Honey and molasses combo

You may add 2 tablespoonful of molasses to water and drink before you go to sleep in the night. It is very rich in fiber. So also honey is a mild laxative. Take 1 tablespoonful of pure honey 3 times in a lukewarm water a day if you are suffering from constipation. You may use honey in the place of sugar to reduce incidences of constipation.

7. Yoga classes

You may try and take some yoga classes, as it may help to hasten bowel movements. So also deep breathing exercise is another way on how to relieve constipation.

8. Coffee and barberry combo

Coffee and a family cousin- barberry are very good combos for enhancing bowel movement. When you make an infusion of this two in warm water, you may add 1-2 tsp (teaspoonful) of Oregon grape tincture to balance the equation. Just sip it slowly while you zoom off to slumber land. You will be happy you did.

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