A good number of individuals who have paranoid personality disorder are not aware that they have the problem. To them other people’s suspicion may seem completely rational to them. Such a person is usually extremely suspicious and distrustful. Some of the paranoid personality disorder symptoms are;

paranoid personality disorder symptoms
paranoid personality disorder symptoms

1. Feeling that they cannot trust friends, family members or associates

2. Suspecting others without any sufficient basis. They think other people are exploiting, deceiving or out to harm them

3. They are reluctant to confide in other people fearing that personal information may be used against them maliciously

4. Perceives attack on their character or reputation. This makes them quick to react in a bid to counterattack

5. They have recurrent suspicions about their spouses or sexual partners

6. They are preoccupied with doubts about their friend’s loyalty

When to expect paranoid personality disorder symptoms

These symptoms of paranoid personality disorder may be an indication that one is suffering from this problem. Normally, the disorder is not diagnosed after another personality disorder has been diagnosed. These are personality disorders such as schizophrenia, depressive disorder or bipolar. These personality disorders are long-lasting and are often diagnosed during early adulthood. They can also be diagnosed in childhood or adolescence and you should always be on the lookout for these symptoms of paranoid personality disorder.

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