what causes pink eye

What causes pink eye range from physical causes to biological/medical causes. From observations by medics and scientific researchers, the common pink eye causes are viral and bacterial infections, allergic reactions, effect of chemicals on the eyes and dry eyes or insufficient eye lubrication.


Pink eye may be caused by viruses. This kind is very contagious and easily spreadable. The adenovirus and herpes virus are the most common viral causes of pink eye. Since it is a known fact that there are hardly any cures for viruses, it is important to curtail its spread. However, they may die out after about 5 or more days, usually 7days maximum.

To curtail the spread of pink eye, hands must be washed properly and sharing of materials such as towels or handkerchiefs with infected persons must be avoided.Viral pink eye may become serious problems if the body’s immunity is low. Additional factors that may cause severity of viral pink eye are sight impairment factors – vision in just one eye and the necessitated usage of contact lenses.

Pink eye that does not vanish after the first two weeks has the tendency to develop into a chronic pink eye. You’ll need to seek medical treatment.


Bacteria can’t be excluded from the list of causes of pink eye. Unlike the viral conjunctivitis, pink eye caused by bacteria is dangerous. They can create serious sight problems and damage to the eye if not treated­- You must subject this type to immediate medical treatment. One serious associated complication of bacterial conjunctivitis is corneal ulcer which may result in a permanent loss of sight. Doctors may prescribe antibiotics and eye drops for these.


Pink eye causes include dry eyes. People who are not able to secrete enough tears for eye lubrication stand the risk of suffering conjunctivitis. Dryness of the eyes may also be due to excessive exposure to the sun and windy environments. For instance, motorists or riders who ride long distances without helmets or eye shields stand the risk of developing conjunctivitis.


Chemicals from factories, fumes from vehicles and manufacturing equipment, as well as smoke from various industrial activities are among pink eye causes.Other chemicals include shampoos and chlorine that are used in pools. These chemicals may cause inflammations and irritation to the eyes. Too much influx of these chemicals into the eyes is likely to trigger pink eye.


What causes pink eye among people includes allergic reactions. Pink eye may be the result of an allergic reaction to substances that cause irritation to the eyes. Many a time, unwanted particles such as dust and pollen may find their way into the eyes, causing serious irritations, friction and scratching. The end result could be pink eye. Two characteristics have been found about allergic pink eye – One that occurs seasonally and one that appears randomly during the year. A randomly occurring pink eye is likely to be caused by dust particles or pest dander whiles a seasonal occurrence is likely to be caused by pollen allergy. Some contact lens users may be affected by rare allergies to contact lens which may result in pink eye.

It is quite difficult to tell which pink eye is viral or bacterial or allergic etc. For this reason, it is very essential to report pink eye symptoms to an optometrist for recommendations. If it is a mild or viral pink eye, you can always resort to using simple home remedies. In a case where it is severe, seeing a medic will save you the risk of getting it aggravated.

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