Here are Top 5 Poems About Life Struggles

Poems About Life Struggles
Poems About Life Struggles


Life and death; without one there cannot be the other.

For some it’s short, but they live it like no other.

For most it’s long, and to be happy they don’t ever bother.

Life cannot be lived without the love of others.


The second we are born is the second we begin to die.

As a child we live life and don’t worry why.

As we grow it gets tougher and we don’t want to try.

Like everything else, it will end and we’ll have to say goodbye.


Whether it’s twenty years or one hundred-twenty,

Live it with a purpose to be greater than many.

Most likely life will be long;

So live it with the future in mind

Because if you act in the moment life is never kind.


What kind of release

Some sort of insanity ?

A living breathing dream ?


Please me –

If but for a moment in a dream ?

I can surrender my all

my everything so I can see –


Come sit awhile

Talking if only a moment with me-

In our familure colors

We wore boldly


Splashed  all over our lives !

Once worn in red vibrancy

for all to see !


Now transformed –

into a cooling transparent magenta


that fades slowly into night…


Going back to the time, doing all that I want,

Just living up my life, getting all that I can’t!


Great was the childhood, innocent were the smiles.

Walking through the woods was better than today’s long drive of miles!


Getting nostalgic at the sight of old places,

Feeling the magic of love, affection and kisses.


Wish I could be selfless and joyous once again,

And forget the mess that ends up only in pain!


i read your name


hand on skin recognition –


my fingers see every inch


a lovely tactile ambition-


outlineing your visage and need


I feel no contrition-


eyes of the body

call out to me-in delight

as fingers feel the long night

shall it be magnetized ?


such a glorious condition –


soft as silk from Japan-

like sticky wonderful jam


hunger cries out at apparition-


you waste me

in my need-

i fall into the madness

of a thousand wasted dreams-


February kissed me on the cheek-

her frozen breeze of reality came stinging

calling my name through her stormy dreams


spending the day i walked in indigo rain

feeling the memories from your purple pain

as my thoughts kept being smashed

on the Jetties of paroxysm – such a feeling

Granite devours them in storms and showers


i walk in the shadows of the memories

amongst the leaves –

of the bleeding dead Oaks I see

dreaming always dreaming of healing

that somewhere beneath the Moon


i can believe-

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