There are different ways of expressing the way that you feel about love and one of such ways is through the use of poems about love. In writing any of the poems about love, there is a need for you to write about the many sides of love and these many sides of love will help make you feel satisfied and happy that you covered all the many sides of love as much as you could. It is also very necessary that you discover that poems about love are the kind of poems that will help prepare your mind on the many things that love could to you and your heart. Love can make your heart beat as fast as it had never done before due to the feelings of excitement that you feel towards the person that you are in love with; this should be included in the poems about love. There are times when you feel as though your world has come crashing down because the person that you gave your heart to had just broken it; this is another aspect of love that should be covered in the poems about love.

Poems About Love

There are many sides to love that will make you wish that there was nothing like love that ever existed and it is yet another aspect that should be covered in the poems about love. Poems about love are poems that will help enlighten you on all what to expect from the feelings of love. Poems about love is a great kind of poem that will greatly succeed in making you get excited in learning all that you need to learn about love; it is also the kind of poem that will help educate as well as prepare you for love even before cupid throws its arrow of love in your direction. Prepare for your love life today by reading poems about love.

Poems About Love

1) I see my world in your eyes

Poems About Love

I see you

I see my world in your eyes

I feel fingers caressing my back

I feel my eyes being kissed

I feel my feet being rubbed

I open my lips

I open my arms

I open my heart

I open my inner self

To the magic

To the magic that is you

To the life that is us

I see you

2) Love is a window

Love is a window

For Kisses to fly in

Love is a door

For heavens to walk in

Love is a road

For angels to drive on

Love is an ocean

For mermaids to fulfil wishes

Love is the sky

For happiness to soar high

Love is the space

For lovers to belong …

Love is the only omni

Love is the only God

3) A girl I know with the Irish eyes

A girl I know with the Irish eyes,

Has a smile that’s as wide as the sky lies..

The glitter in the eyes reflects her golden heart

With simplicity in her style, she just tops the charts…

She scolds you like a mother…to make you right,

And like a father protects you…from all your fights…

The way she cares is beyond any praise,

It as warm as the morning sun rays…

Just wanted to thank you for all that you have done…

For me you are my ..and will always be my number one…

4) Just because I love you

Just because I love you

I will smile at you everyday

Give you my very best

And support you in every way…


Just because I love you

I will give you your heart’s desire

Wake up in love with you daily

And your love I’ll always treasure…


Just because I love you

My heart smile to think of your love

You are my darling, my princess

My sweet angel from above…


Just because I love you

The best in my life you are

I give you my heart forever

And my life, my dreams with you I share


Just because I love you

Hand in hand I’ll walk with you

Treasuring every moment

And letting you know that my love is true


Just because I love you

Yes I love you true and true

Loving you forever

And spending the rest of my life with you


Just because I love you

Anything for you I’ll do

And when it really comes down to it

I’ll always saying that, “I LOVE YOU!!!”

5) M issing you so very much

Poems About Love

M issing you so very much

A nd longing for your slightest touch

D ancing on the edge of doom


W e struggle just to find some room

I nside each others little world

T ingling swells within my chest

H old on to her forget the rest

O f all the fears that try and tear

U s apart from something rare

T o have you in my arms will be


Y our best ever gift to me

O h sweetness I am waiting for you

U nleesh upon me your violet hue.

6) Like the spring which in the grassy

Like the spring which in the grassy fields

Spreads love and joy it yields

Like the summer breeze so gentle and true

My love spreads and unfurls for you anew

Our love is such that brings things to life

And I really hope we never have strife

So love me today like you loved me before

And promise to love you back like the romances of yore.

7) My love is sweeter

My love is sweeter than strawberries

And grander than the snow-capped peaks

Purer than the holy waters

Her love makes me feel complete

Our love so divine that it shines brighter than a star

Just know that I’m there for you whether near or far.

8) Two lovers by a moss-grown spring

Two lovers by a moss-grown spring:

They leaned soft cheeks together there,

Mingled the dark and sunny hair,

And heard the wooing thrushes sing.

O budding time!

O love’s blest prime!


Two wedded from the portal stept:

The bells made happy carolings,

The air was soft as fanning wings,

White petals on the pathway slept.

O pure-eyed bride!

O tender pride!


Two faces o’er a cradle bent:

Two hands above the head were locked:

These pressed each other while they rocked,

Those watched a life that love had sent.

O solemn hour!

O hidden power!


Two parents by the evening fire:

The red light fell about their knees

On heads that rose by slow degrees

Like buds upon the lily spire.

O patient life!

O tender strife!


The two still sat together there,

The red light shone about their knees;

But all the heads by slow degrees

Had gone and left that lonely pair.

O voyage fast!

O vanished past!


The red light shone upon the floor

And made the space between them wide;

They drew their chairs up side by side,

Their pale cheeks joined, and said, “Once more!”

O memories!

O past that is!

9) To those who love the Lord I speak

To those who love the Lord I speak;

Is my Beloved near?

The Bridegroom of my soul I seek,

Oh! when will He appear?


Though once a man of grief and shame,

Yet now He fills a throne,

And bears the greatest, sweetest name,

That earth or heaven have known.


Grace flies before, and love attends

His steps wheree’er he goes;

Though none can see Him but His friends,

And they were once his foes.


He speaks; — obedient to His call

Our warm affections move:

Did He but shine alike on all,

Then all alike would love.


Then love in every heart would reign,

And war would cease to roar;

And cruel and bloodthirsty men

Would thirst for blood no more.


Such Jesus is, and such His grace;

Oh, may He shine on you!

And tell him, when you see His face,

I long to see Him, too.

10) If I had to sum up

Poems About Love

If I had to sum up

In a cute little nutshell

How much I love you

I would simply tell

The story about falling

In love with you at first sight

After seeing you how

I couldn’t sleep at night

With a few other sweet instances

The story would continue

But the essence of it would be

That meant to be, are me and you

11) Sometimes I feel

Sometimes I feel

Like I’m walking on air

Other times blankly

At a ceiling, I stare

Sometimes in the clouds

I feel like I want to fly

Touching them with my hands

Sometimes I want to try

The world in which I live

Is like a dreamlike trance

To be crazily in love with you

I’m glad destiny game me the chance

12) Even the greatest poets may not be

Even the greatest poets may not be

Able to express how I feel for you

Words can simply not be enough

To describe how it alters my life’s view

I’ve never chased perfection

But you make everything seem perfect

Even all my mistakes come undone

All the dots, just magically connect

Fate or destiny, call it what you want

I’m glad, this is where it came to be

Not just the laughs, but even the

Silence between us, sets me free

I love you

13) True love is measured

True love is measured by how deep you fall

And judged by how low you are willing to crawl

Just to save it and make it last

It is determined by how willing you are to open up and offer your trust.

It is hospitable, amazing at all times, and always kind.

It is never prejudiced, it is color blind..

14) If you said you were cold

If you said you were cold

I would wrap my arms around you.

If you said you were thirsty I would give you the ocean blue.

I would give you anything: the moon, the stars, the sunset too.

This heart in my hands I hold out to you.

15) sweet sensation

Poems About Love

You fill the room with sweet sensation

distracting bits of information

crowd the space where logic dwells

distorting sights and sounds and smells

touching me with tactile pleasure

pushing me beyond a measure

of reasonable doubt that soon I sense

I’m nowhere in the present tense.

16) You are the reason

You are the reason why

I feel like I wanna fly

You are the reason why

I feel I can touch the sky

You are the reason why

There is no reason to cry

Baby, you are my life

Don’t ever say goodbye

I love you

17) A puffed up ego

A puffed up ego

An upright spine

Is what I have

Because you’re mine

A chest full of pride

The right to show off

Everyone else

I feel the urge to scoff

All this is because

You are by my side

You give me every reason

To smile real wide

I love you

18) My heartbeat follows

My heartbeat follows

The rhythm of your walk

I begin to breathe

Only when you start to talk

I see the world

Only when your eyes open

My hands feel warm

With yours, when they are woven

My life feels alive

When you are with me

I don’t have words to say

How much I love you baby

19) You light up my world

You light up my world,

And make me forget all my fears,

Your laughter brightens up my days,

And chases away all my tears.


You are my every dream come true,

No one else will ever do;

Because only you can make me feel,

The way I do.


My heart beats at least a million times,

Whenever you cross my mind.

You’ve got a special way with me,

You make me believe,

In this love that we’ve found,

And I promise I’ll never let you down.

20) I’ve made many wishes

Poems About Love

I’ve made many wishes,

I’ve dreamt many dreams,

I’ve prayed many prayers,

I’ve talked to God,

And I’ve seen,

What I thought was love,

Come and go.


My hearts been broken,

More times than you know,

But I’ve kept the faith,

I’ve held on,

I believed that one day,

You would come along;

My most perfect love,

The beginning of a fairytale,

That will live on and on.


You my love, will always be,

A part of my heart;

A part of me.

21) The day you came into my life

The day you came into my life

everything changed;

you brought happiness,

you brought hope,

you brought contentment.


And most of all,

you brought love;

a love so amazing,

a love so powerful,

a love too beautiful

to ever be defined.


The day you came into you life

you gave me everything,

and I’ll love you always

22) I give you my heart

Loving you

Means that I give you my heart

My love, my whole self;

You’ll always come first

Before anything else


Loving you

Means that I give you my faith

My trust, my confidence;

I promise to always be true

To be loyal, to be honest


Loving you

Means you’re a part of my life,

My dreams, my future;

You are a part of me

Now and forever

23) The sound of your voice

The sound of your voice

Calling me by what I wish to be,

Ripples through the blood within me,

Causing my heart to melt,

Leaving me with a ridiculous smile

Planted on my face.

24) Can you imagine

Can you imagine

What would happen

If the planet didn’t receive

Daylight from the sun

The same thing happens to me

When we don’t meet

My life becomes a shamble

My heart skips many a beat

So, unless you want to

Torture and frustrate me

I suggest that you keep giving

Me your awesome hugs daily

I love you

25) My dear sweetheart

Poems About Love

My dear sweetheart,

It is you that I love

Under the stars above

Truly, with all my heart.


My dreams of you

Are dreams of Joy

Passion burns like a fire,

You’re my only desire.


This magic that we feel

It tells me our love is real.

Right now and forever,

Our love will go on.

26) Billions of stars up in the sky

Billions of stars up in the sky,

One shines brighter, I can’t deny …

A love so precious, a love so true

A love that comes from me to you.


The angels sing when you are near,

Within your arms I have no fear.

You always know just what to say

Simply talking to you makes my day.


I love you honey with all of my heart

Together forever and never to part.


I love you with my heart

I love you with my soul

You make my being whole.

27) Lets hold our hands together

Lets hold our hands together

Lets celebrate each other

With renewed and great ardor

Our love is warmer and warmer.


My love, my sweetheart,

My message for you

I love you with all my heart

You and only you!

28) I know what I had.

I know what I had.

I know what I lost.

I know what I need.

I was blind and could not see,

What was right in front of me.


Guide me with your light,

Beautiful soul shining bright.

Now I can see

You are the only thing and everything I will ever need.

You are and forever will be.

My love … My life.

29) There is a beautiful world

Poems About Love

There is a beautiful world where I can see your face,

It exists only between time and space

Time shreds space like worn out fashion,

And leaves us desperate for our precious compassion

Space consumes time without our consent,

And hides the reality that our dreams were once spent

Our love is regained when we meet in between

And there we can dance again in our dream

30) It feels good

It feels good to be in your arms,

to feel the warmth of your touch.

I love to look into your beautiful eyes,

to see how much you care.

It feels good to have someone like you

to think about every day.

I love to take long walks with you,

to hold your hand every step of the way.

31) I love you, I do,

I love you, I do,

For the generosity,

Gentleness and kindness

That exudes from your heart


I love you, I do,

For the warmth

And comfort that

Is shown in just one smile


I love you, I do,

For honesty and loyalty

That you give not just in love

But in friendship, too


I love you, I do,

For so many things

That make up you.

32) There is no perfect way

There is no perfect way

To explain how I feel about you;

Saying “I Love You”

Doesn’t say enough


What I feel for you

Is much deeper,

and much more beautiful,

I Love You Beyond Love

33) If my heart could talk

If my heart could talk,

You would know you’ve made me strong


If my heart could move,

It would wrap itself around you


If my heart could touch,

You would never feel a sweeter love


If my heart could talk,

You would understand how deeply I love you

34) Happiness is waking up to you

Poems About Love

Happiness is waking up to you every morning;

seeing you smile and knowing what makes you happy.


Happiness is sharing intimate moments throughout the day;

an email, a phone call, a private talk.


Happiness is lying down next to you at night;

knowing that next to me is every dream I’ve ever had.


Happiness Is Ours

35) Loving you changed my life

Loving you changed my life,

Knowing you changed who I am,


Thank you for giving me so much,

Just by giving me your love

36) My love for you is pure

My love for you is pure, like the morning dew on a flower,

I feel it throbbing deep inside, with power.

My love is pure, like the first falling snow,

I sense its gentle touch streaming with a steady flow.

My love is pure, it is loyal,

oh, it will be eternal …

And you I thank to make this normal.

37) When we are apart my feelings

When we are apart my feelings are deep and true,

I know you are in pain for what I have done.

As I lay in bed alone I feel the same pain as you,

As you cry in bed I feel your tears down my cheek.

And sorry is not enough. I love you very much…

I never want to be away from you, out of touch.

38) I want to kiss your reddish lips

Poems About Love

I want to kiss your reddish lips

I want to touch your rosy cheeks

I want to hear your lovely voice

Although it can make a loud noise


I will forget all my sorrow

Just to be with you tomorrow

Thinking you’re always beside me

Hoping that you’ll never leave me

39) I don’t know how to say this

I don’t know how to say this,

the words walking through my mind.

I can’t put pen to paper,

the sentence I can’t find,

for the feelings deep inside my heart.

I pray to god above,

for the right words to tell you,

how much I have fallen in love.

40) My heart sings a special melody

My heart sings a special melody of bliss

Craving for your tender rosy lips to kiss.


Your delicate touch is with me always,

As soft and warm as real sun rays.


This song from heart to heart,

Wants us to never be apart.


This song from soul to soul,

Makes me feel happy and whole.

41) I’ll be loving you

I’ll be loving you

No matter what we go through

Come hail, sleet or snow

I’m not letting you go

Rich or poor, I guarantee

You’ll always have me

Cause I’m so blessed to have you near

Each day, month and year

Only God above

Could have given this love

Though the toughest times

You’ve proven your mine

You’re a wish come true

Ooh, I love loving you.

42) Pour the wine slowly

Poems About Love

Pour the wine slowly

Let it linger in the glass


Lift the glass so lightly

On your lips let it pass


The taste of my passion

Feel it warm when you sip


This kiss will be forever

As it flows across your lip

43) My Heart is something

My Heart is something that gives me life

My Heart feeds and nurtures as if it were my wife

My Heart is kind and loving down to the last drop

My Heart keeps me going not wanting to stop

My Heart has a pulse to it unlike anything in this universe

My Heart gives me strength in the hardest traverse

My Heart gives me structure in such an unstructured place

My Heart beats at an insurmountable pace

My Heart bonds me together so that nothing could tear it apart

My Heart is something I loved right from the start

You Yes!!!! You. Are My Heart

44) You and me are one of a kind

You and me are one of a kind,

You and me are a perfect kind.

We can’t do everything forever,

But I wish we could do everything together.

You and me can do it,

If we put our hearts into it.

45) For though I hope she loves me

For though I hope she loves me

For she has kissed my mouth

Thought I am like a stricken bird

who cannot reach the south.


Tonight I know she loves me

And my heart is very glad

for her kiss was just as wonderful

As all the dreams I’ve had

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