Short love poems are poems that are best written for and to the one that you love from the depth of your heart. In writing short love poems, it is important that you let the one that you love know that he or she means the whole world to you and that your existence is nothing without him or her. The ability to write short love poems stem from the fact that your heart is deeply engaged with the heart of another. Writing short love poems can only be very engaging when it is written from the heart of a person that is deeply and truly in love with another. Short love poems are great and they are one of the nice and best ways of expressing the way that you feel towards someone else to that person. Short love poems will always help you to stay in love with the love of your life because the more that you show love to a person through any means, the more you fall in love with such a person and the more your heart will beat for such a person.

Short Love Poems

It is always nice to express your feelings of love to your lover most especially when you intend having a concrete and a meaningful relationship with that your lover or partner as the case may be. Writing short love poems to your lover will help build you a strong and a long lasting relationship that can never be easily broken. Another advantage that you will get from writing short love poems is the fact that the love of your life will want to do more things for you to the extent that he or she will even want to go to the moon and be back just for you. Short love poems are definitely good ways of showing and expressing your love to your partner.

Short Love Poems

1) When I am alone, I feel numb

Short Love Poems

When I am alone, I feel numb

Lonely, empty and dumb

I feel bogged down and tied

When you are not by my side

I feel complete, and free

When you are with me

There’s nothing else for me to do

Except being with you

2) I don’t want to be too wealthy

I don’t want to be too wealthy

I don’t want to be too prosperous

I don’t want to be too successful

I don’t want to be too ambitious

I don’t want to be too famous

I don’t want to always be a winner

Because I’ll automatically be all these

As long as we’re together

I love you

3) Flirting with you

Flirting with you

Is the best thing to do

Taking you out for coffee

Is what I like to do daily

Going with you on a drive

Makes me feel alive

Everything I do with you

Makes every day feel new

4) Sometimes I have to tell myself

Short Love Poems

Sometimes I have to tell myself

That I am not hallucinating

I have to give myself a few pinches

To realize that I am not dreaming

Sometimes I thank my destiny

That you are the one I chose to pursue

Sometimes I cannot believe

That I found a girlfriend like you

I love you baby

5) Like a picture in sepia

Like a picture in sepia

Every single second would be

Rife with inertia

All my smiles and laughs

Would have no significance

There would be no reason

For my existence

I love you

6) A million stars up in the sky

A million stars up in the sky

one shines brighter I can’t deny

A love so precious a love so true

a love that comes from me to you

The angels sing when you are near

within your arms I have nothing to fear

You always know just what to say

just talking to you makes my day

I love you honey with all of my heart

together forever and never to part.

7) If roses were red and violets could be blue

If roses were red and violets could be blue,

I’d take us away to a place just for two.

You’d see my true colors and all that I felt.

I’d see that you could love me and nobody else.

We’d build ourselves a fortress where we’d run and play.

You’d be mine and I’d be yours ’til our dying day.

Then I wake and realize you were never here.

It’s all just my thoughts, my dreams, my hopes…

But now it’s only tears!

8) What do I do,

Short Love Poems

What do I do,

When I’m still in love with you?

You walked away,

‘Cause you didn’t want to stay.

You broke my heart, you tore me apart.

Every day I wait for you,

Telling myself our love was true.

But when you don’t show, more tears start to flow.

That’s when I know

I have to let go.

9) L is for ‘laughter’ we had along the way

L is for ‘laughter’ we had along the way.

O is for ‘optimism’ you gave me every day.

V is for ‘value’ of being my best friend.

E is for ‘eternity,’ a love that has no end.

10) I don’t have any regrets in life

I don’t have any regrets in life

I don’t care about the mistakes I’ve made

Even thinking about the worst memories

Doesn’t leave me dismayed

Regardless of the things I’ve done

Irrespective of what I’ve been through

It was all worth fighting for

Because everything led me to you

I love you

11) You are the kind of girl

Short Love Poems

You are the kind of girl

Who can put a diva to shame

If guys want to flirt with you

They are not to blame

I am taking the liberty

To compliment you like this

Because at the end of the day

Only I have the right to give you a kiss

12) When I gape at your beauty

When I gape at your beauty

I feel glad that you picked me

When I see your pretty face

My life, it makes me embrace

When I look into your deep eyes

It gives me the biggest highs

When I think about me and you

I see life’s most awesome hues

I love you

13) When I say I love you

When I say I love you, please believe it’s true.

When I say forever, know I’ll never leave you.

When I say goodbye, promise me you won’t cry,

Because the day I’ll be saying that will be the day I die.

14) You look at me as if I’m the only girl

Short Love Poems

You look at me as if I’m the only girl around

You make me feel important and never let me down


You’ve shown me how to live

How to smile, what to say

You’ve shown me what it’s worth

To love someone each and every day


So this poem goes out to you

For everything you’ve done

And I hope now you understand

That baby, you’re the one!


I Love You, Baby!

15) I love you with my heart

I love you with my heart

I love you with my soul

I know you don’t believe in me

but trust me for I know

my love is deep

my love is true

and it will never fade

so tell me now

and tell me true


16) Even though we are

Even though we are

In a steady relationship

You have never let go

Of our friendship

That is what makes us

The coolest couple in town

I promise to you, baby

That I will never let you down

I love you

17) To all the guys in the world

Short Love Poems

To all the guys in the world

I would recommend strongly

That falling in love is a must

Its importance, you must see

Don’t be afraid of love

Don’t let commitment make you sweat

If you get a girlfriend like mine

Happiness is all you will get

I love you

18) I am going to email Facebook

I am going to email Facebook

Hoping their engineers will take a look

Your timeline has a Like button

But I want to suggest another one

There should be a button called Love

From your profile photo, just above

The Like button is now useless

Because I love you, my princess

19) A sense of euphoria grips me

A sense of euphoria grips me from head to toe

When I think about the memories we share

Right from the fun times to the vulnerable moments

My innermost feelings, to you I’ve laid bare

We’ve been through a lot, we’ve come a long way

I have no regrets, I’d do it all again if I had to

Regardless of the bumps and bends

Because in the end it’s just me and you

20) Sometimes, I ask myself

Short Love Poems

Sometimes, I ask myself

“How on earth did I ever get so lucky?”

You are such a wonderful person,

And at times it’s almost unbelievable

That you love me the way that you do.


The way that you smile at me;

The way that you speak my name

With such love in your voice

Touches my heart and my soul,

And I wonder what did I ever do

To deserve someone like you?

21) Life is beautiful

Life is beautiful

When you find love

When you find the place

You’re meant to be

When you find the one

You can give your whole heart to

And for me

This is you

This is love

22) Come a little closer

Come a little closer

Honey, come a little closer,

let me whisper in your ear.

Let me tell it to you softly,

So that no one else will hear.

What I have to say is private,

and is just between us two;

just want you, to know how much,

I love the things you do

23) more than love

I love you

more than love


I love you

deeper than the sea


I love you

bigger than the sun


I love you

higher than the trees


I love you to the moon

24) Love is like a river

Short Love Poems

Love is like a river,

A never ending stream.

Love is shared by each other,

To answer someone’s dream.


It’s a never ending story,

Love is not a lie.

You can share in all its glory,

For love will never die.


Love is all around you,

The moon and stars above.

Love is a gift from God,

And God is a gift of love.

25) Your heart is kind

Your heart is kind,

And my heart is truly in your hands.

From the first words we say together,

I will love you forever.

26) How do I start?

How do I start?

What do I say?

I love you and you take my breath away?

Do I say hold me tight, keep me warm all through the night?

So how do I start?

I start like this: hold me, love me, teach me, move me, motivate me to do something great.

Now that I’ve started, how do I end?

I end like this


27) I love you so deeply

I love you so deeply

I love you so much

I love the sound of your voice

And the way we used to touch


I love your kind and thoughtful ways

And the joy you bring to my life every day

I love you today as I have from the start

I’ll love you forever with all my heart.

28) You are the prettiest

You are the prettiest

You are the cutest

If I had to invent a new word

I would call you beautifulest

You are the most charming

You are most intelligent

I have never seen someone

Who is so elegant

You are the girl

That every guy desires

Baby, I love you a lot

For you, my heart is on fire

29) Just being friends with you

Just being friends with you

Made me sore

Right from day one

My heart wanted a lot more

Just like how absence of salt

Makes food tasteless

Your absence in my life

Would take away all the happiness

Just like how dessert tastes bland

When it is made sugarless

Without you, everything I do

Would be utterly useless

I love you

30) Life without you would be

Life without you would be

Ever since I’ve met you, there has been

No such thing as a bad day

Even after we fight, thinking about you

Makes all the stress go away

While this may sound a bit stupid

It just shows how much I care

And how bitterness can never rule

The relationship that we share

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