Short poems for kids need to be fun, engaging and hilarious because for a kid to be attentive to what you are reading from the short poems for kids that you have written, it will actually need to be captivating, comedic and funny all the way through. It is also very important that you make funny faces to the kids when you are reading any of the short poems for kids to them most especially when the kids are below the age of reading. It is however very fascinating to discover that it is always a great pleasure to read short poems for kids to kids that the poems have actually been written for. When writing any of the short poems for kids, it is best that you put your mind in the heart of the kids and try as much as you can to act like one as the kids are actually the ones that are going to read the short poems for kids that you are writing. Reading any of the short poems for kids can also be a very herculean task if you do not know how to read to catch the attention of kids throughout the duration of your reading.

short poems for kids

It is also very necessary that you try as much as you can to take note of the words that when acted out will make the kids laugh when you are reading any of the short poems for kids to the kids that you have around you. Reading and writing can be a very great pleasure most especially when you are doing them for people that are actually appreciative of what you are doing. It is also best that you write and read short poems for kids in such a way that will make the kids keep coming to you for more of the short poems.

Short Poems For Kids

1) The Curly Boy Who Never Told a Lie

Once there was a little boy,

With curly hair and pleasant eye—

A boy who always told the truth,

And never, never told a lie.


And when he trotted off to school,

The children all about would cry,

“There goes the curly-headed boy—

The boy that never tells a lie.”


And everybody loved him so,

Because he always told the truth,

That every day, as he grew up,

‘Twas said, “There goes the honest youth.”

And when the people that stood near

Would turn to ask the reason why,

The answer would be always this:

“Because he never tells a lie.”

2) My fairest child

My fairest child, I have no song to give you;

No lark could pipe to skies so dull and gray;

Yet, ere we part, one lesson I can leave you

For every day.


Be good, sweet maid, and let who will be clever;

Do noble things, not dream them all day long:

And so make life, death, and that vast forever

One grand, sweet song.

3) SWING, swing, swing

SWING, swing, swing,

Through the drowsy afternoon ;

Swing, swing, swing,

Up I go to meet the moon.

Swing, swing, swing,

I can see as I go high

Far along the crimson sky ;

I can see as I come down

The tops of houses in the town ;

High and low,

Fast and slow,

Swing, swing, swing.


Swing, swing, swing,

See ! the sun is gone away ;

Swing, swing, swing,

Gone to make a bright new day.

Swing, swing, swing.

I can see as up I go

The poplars waving to and fro,

I can see as I come down

The lights are twinkling in the town,

High and low,

Fast and slow,

Swing, swing, swing.

4) Thirty days

Thirty days hath September,

April, June, and November;

February has twenty-eight alone.

All the rest have thirty-one,

Excepting leap-year—that’s the time

When February’s days are twenty-nine.

5) GET into the boat

GET into the boat and away to the west,

See-saw ! see-saw !

For they’ve cut down the tree with the poor linnet’s nest,

See- saw ! see-saw !

The bulrushes nod and the water-lilies sigh,

See-saw ! see-saw !

And all of us know the sad reason why,

See-saw ! see-saw !

For, oh ! the tree – the tree’s cut down,

And every one of its leaves are brown ;

And in the field the children play,

But the little linnet has flown away :

Oh, dear ! oh, dear ! oh, dear !

6) Farewel

Farewell, farewell! but this I tell

To thee, thou Wedding-Guest!

He prayeth well who loveth well

Both man and bird and beast.


He prayeth best who loveth best

All things, both great and small:

For the dear God who loveth us,

He made and loveth all.

7) Small service is true

Small service is true service while it lasts:

Of humblest friends, bright creature! scorn not one:


The daisy, by the shadow that it casts,

Protects the lingering dewdrop from the sun.

8) Little children, never give

Little children, never give

Pain to things that feel and live:

Let the gentle robin come

For the crumbs you save at home,—

As his meat you throw along

He’ll repay you with a song;

Never hurt the timid hare

Peeping from her green grass lair,

Let her come and sport and play

On the lawn at close of day;

The little lark goes soaring high

To the bright windows of the sky,

Singing as if ’twere always spring,

And fluttering on an untired wing,—

Oh! let him sing his happy song,

Nor do these gentle creatures wrong.

9) A wind came up out of the sea

A wind came up out of the sea,

And said: “O mists, make room for me!”


It hailed the ships, and cried: “Sail on,

Ye mariners, the night is gone.”


And hurried landward far away,

Crying: “Awake! it is the day.”


It said unto the forest : ” Shout!

Hang all your leafy banners out!


It touched the wood-bird’s folded wing,

And said : ” O bird, awake and sing !”


It whispered to the fields of corn :

“Bow down, and hail the coming morn!”


It shouted through the belfry tower:

“Awake, O bell! proclaim the hour.”


Henry W. Longfellow

10) THERE is a sweet maiden asleep by the sea

THERE is a sweet maiden asleep by the sea,

Her lips are as red as a cherry ;

The roses are resting upon her brown cheeks-

Her cheeks that are brown as a berry.


She’s tired of building up castles of sand,

Her hands they are gritty and grubby ;

Her shoes, they are wet, and her legs, they are bare,

Her legs that are sturdy and chubby.


I’ll wrap a shawl round you, my dear little maid,

To keep the wind off you completely,

And soft I will sing you a lullaby song,

And soon you will slumber most sweetly.

11) To children far, and children near,

To children far, and children near,

Who’ll read the things I’ve written here:

From your young lives these things I took;

And many a mother I hear say,

” From out my darling’s work and play

I might write just as true a book.”


Now when you close these simple leaves,

And happy thoughts your fancy weaves,

Remember me, who sent you this;

And should we meet, or should we not,

I pray you all “forget me not,”

And each accept a loving kiss.

12) Two little dicky birds

Two little dicky birds

Sat on a wall,


One called Peter,

One called Paul.


Fly away, Peter,

Fly away, Paul!


Come back, Peter,

Come back, Paul.

13) A birdie with a yellow

A birdie with a yellow bill

Hopped upon the window-sill.

Cocked his shining eye and said:

“Ain’t you ‘shamed, you sleepy-head?”

14) The rain is raining all around

The rain is raining all around,

It falls on field and tree,

It rains on the umbrellas here,

And on the ships at sea.

15) Goldy Locks

Goldy Locks, goldy locks,

Wilt thou be mine?

Thou shalt not wash dishes,

Nor yet feed the swine;


But sit on a cushion,

And sew a fine seam,

And feed upon strawberries,

Sugar and cream.

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