Depression is a mental state of health characterized by mood swings, anxiety, irritability, weight loss, inability to get good sleep.

Signs Of Depression In Women
Signs Of Depression In Women

Depression symptoms in women take a different twist and turn, depending on the underlying cause. Women are more emotional than men due to hormonal interactions, mental state at the time of evaluation.

Symptoms of depression in women tends to show up very quickly, due to their femininity and emotional dispositions. Women may not be able to hold emotional outbursts (for instance) for longer periods of time.

Hormonal changes alone can’t cause depression, there are several other reasons why a woman might experience depression such as:

  1. Self-image and identity issues.
  2. Parental conflicts and family/relationship matters.
  3. Developing sexuality.
  4. Hormonal interaction between estrogen, Progesterone and serotonin deficiency of which has been indicated to be the cause of clinical depression.
  5. Unwanted pregnancies.

Symptoms and signs of depression in women

When women are undergoing depressive episodes, they tends to exhibit the ‘flight’ style of managing issues. Here are 10 major signs of depression in women:

Women who are experiencing depressive episodes tends to show this depression symptoms:

  1. Serious fluctuations in appetite and weight.
  2. Uncontrollable emotions.
  3. Extreme mood swing (highs and lows, this is usually referred to as maniac depression).
  4. Decrease in energy and increased fatigue.
  5. Digestive disorders, headache and pain.
  6. Women tend to cry when they are depressed, feelings of guilt and worthlessness may easily engulf your mind when depressed.
  7. Women tends to be very harsh while at some other times they look too quiet. They tend to avoid troubles during this time.
  8. Women find it hard to consolidate your thought processes, then it is time to take a break.
  9. Women may be drawn to alcohol and other hard substances. This may lead to drug abuse.
  10. Another symptom of depression in women is, they tend to have a significant change in their sleep pattern, trouble getting adequate sleep. Anytime you notice you are beginning to have a change in sleep pattern or you wake up earlier than usual, or you feel restless every time you wake up, it’s a sign of depression.

Depression symptoms in women can be easily aggravated when they feel are not being supported.

If you ever find yourself in any of these positions, do talk to your counselor, or GP, it helps a lot. Sometimes it might just be a little motivation that you need to get you back on the track.

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