The following are skin cancer signs based on the type:

Skin Cancer Symptoms
Skin Cancer Symptoms

a) Melanomas

Melanomas affect people of any skin type, in people with darker skin tone, it usually forms on their palms and soles of the feet, or under the fingernails or toenail.

Other signs include dark lesions on the palm soles, on mucus membrane lining the mouth, nose, vagina or the anus area. One outstanding sign peculiar to melanomas is that they form moles that changes in color as they develop.

Melanomas also develop from existing abnormal moles which develop into non-painful malignant structures.

A normal mole is evenly colored such as black spot either flat or slightly elevated, round or oval in shape, generally it should be less than 0.25inches in size. Moles are harmless but once it starts changing color, it should raise a concern.

b) Basal cell carcinoma

This occurs on any part of the body, often appearing as a waxy bump or as flat flesh-colored, or brown scar-like lesion.

c) Squamous cell cancer

This is the most deadly of all the cancer types, often develops in people with white toned skin, it can develop in areas not often exposed to the sun. It may appear as a firm red nodule or as flat lesion with crusty surface.

Signs of skin cancer shows up very subtly until when they reach advance stages before they start showing irreversible symptoms if they had not been curbed while those subtle changes appear.

The following physical symptoms of skin cancer show up as the cancerous growth progresses, although you start noticing their growth from subtle changes in color on the skin.

Basal Cell Skin Cancer Symptoms

  1. Bleeding from that spot
  2. It feels itchy
  3. It may develop into a painless ulcer

Squamous cell Skin Cancer Symptoms

  1. Usually develops into a hard horny cap.
  2. It also bleed at times (though it looks unusual especially when its tender to touch and painless).
  3. Has a slight elevation from the surface of the skin.

Melanomas Skin Cancer Symptoms

  1. Melanomas are not painful except they are bruised.
  2. Oozing or changes noticeable on the surface of the mole.
  3. One complication that may arise from melanomas is that it may spread to the bones, lungs, abdominal region, lymph nodes and the brain.

Signs of skin cancer can be very obvious if you monitor your skin regularly. If you find any spot on your skin that refuses to go away yet keeps changing in structure, it is time to see your doctor.

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