Social anxiety treatments varies depending on the extent of phobia experienced by sufferers of which children forms the majority.

Social anxiety disorder also known as social phobia is an extreme fear of social engagements or situations, one of the commonest forms of anxiety disorders. When you see people who are very allergic to faces, such as in interviews or while giving a speech, that could just be a social anxiety. This may make sufferers to leave the place where they feel less acceptable. It is also very common in people who struggle with fears e.g. children.

Social anxiety is strongly tied to your perception of how people see you, the kind of self-esteem you have of yourself will determine how fast you get over it.

Social Anxiety Disorder Treatment
Social Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Social anxiety support is very essential to be given to people who are suffering from social anxiety, this may include recommending a social anxiety treatment plan to alleviate the symptoms.

One of the best social anxiety cure is to develop healthy self esteem but this may come at a price of persistence at confronting your fears.

Social anxiety disorder treatment may be administered via giving anxiety medications  with less side-effects, though it is not recommended to take such medications without the supervision of your GP.

Social anxiety treatments

Other social anxiety disorder treatment includes

1. Control breathing treatments

It has been observed that those who experience social anxiety often experience faster breathing rate and heart pacing, however controlling your breathing may help to reaffirm your self confidence and place a good control on the source of fear or panic.

These social anxiety treatment involves the following:

a) Sit comfortably with your shoulders relaxed while you put your hands on your stomach and chest respectively

b) Breath in slowly and deeply through your nose

c) Hold your breath for some few seconds say 4 seconds

d) Breath out slowly through your mouth, this ensures that you release as much air as possible

e) Continue the cycle like that and it will help you when you encounter such situations again

2. Relaxation techniques and meditation

Meditation has been reported to have strong anti-anxiety effects on your brain as it helps you to refocus your energy and mental energy towards your desired goals. This also ensures you relax your mind very well.

3. Always face the situation squarely

Confronting your fears also goes a long way at ensuring good treatment results and it is still one of the best social anxiety treatment options since it helps to build your self esteem in more natural ways than any other treatment means. For instance, if you don’t socialize before, try to see off your friends to a party and take it off from there.

4. Social anxiety medication

Anti-anxiety medications may help in few chronic cases of social anxiety disorders but it may strong inhibitory effect on the brain neurotransmitters gamma-butyric acid (GABA).

However your doctor is in the best position to determine which meds you can take.

Examples of meds social anxiety medication includes diazepam, lorazepam, alprazolam etc.

5. Lifestyle changes

One of the best social anxiety support you can give to your self is to change some of your lifestyle practices such quiting smoking and hard drugs, caffeine use as this may affect your psychosomatic areas of the brain which may lead to anti-social activities.

6. Sleep well and regularly

Sleep helps to enhance mood. It also helps to reduce the effect of depression on the brain as well as help to relieve mental stress. One of the best social anxiety medication is sleep, don’t underrate sleep it helps greatly to boost memory and rejuvenate your body.

Sufferers need adequate social anxiety support so they can fit in well into the future especially those who have had post traumatic stress disorder in the past.

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