There are ways you can get so hooked on sugar that withdrawing from it may be difficult. Sugars in this context is referred to that sweetened component you eat in foods especially junk foods such as hamburgers and drinks. Sugar in this context refers to sucrose which is broken down further by sugar-decomposing enzymes into fructose and glucose (the usable forms).

From statistics, an average American consumes 120lbs per day in the 1970s.

Sugar withdrawal symptoms
8 Main Sugar withdrawal symptoms

You can be very addicted to sugar such that withdrawing from it may not be easy especially if you are not used to fasting, in such instances, you experience sugar withdrawal symptoms. Is sugar addictive? Yes it is. How do I know I have sugar addiction symptoms? It is by taking note of the signs you see immediately you start withdrawing from sugar or sources of sugar such as junk foods and sweetened drinks you can’t do without.

The degree of symptoms of withdrawal will depend on many factors such as the following:

1. Period of time you have been consuming sugars, the less your consumption, the easier it is to withdraw.

2. Psychology and physiology– different individuals have different level of cravings for sugar. Some are psychological bound to sugary foods such that withdrawal may be hard for them.

3. Rate of consumption

How much and how fast you consume you consume sugary substances will also determine how hard withdrawing from sugars will be.

Symptoms of withdrawal from sugars

Sugar withdrawal symptoms varies in people depending on the factors highlighted above, however, the following are things you should know about what you may experience when withdrawing from sugars:

1. Heightened irritation and anxiety

Anxiety has been reported to be experienced by lots of people from whose diet sugar is being cut out. The degree of anxiety will depend on how long you have been consuming sugars.

2. Strong cravings

The more the amount of sugar cuts you have, the more your cravings may increase for sugars, however with time it will subside. Strong cravings for sugars may be difficult to overcome at the onset of sugar withdrawal.

3. Another instance of sugar withdrawal symptoms is Depression

Depression and anxiety oftentimes go hand in hand. A crash in mood, mood swings or manic depression may be experienced for first timers who are just withdrawing from sugars.

4. Mid tremors

You may experience mild tremors especially on the extremities as your body may have gotten used to sugars to such an extent that it is not easy for your body to adjust to regular dosage of glucose it gets at intervals.

5. Weight loss

About 55% of our weight is comprised of carbohydrates. Withdrawing from sugars may make you feel like you are losing weight as your body gets used to it, more fats may have to be processed into glucose in order to maintain the body’s energy bank.

6. Headache

You may experience mild headache. This is also another example of sugar withdrawal symptoms that shouldn’t be overlooked.

7. Body cramping and fatigue

Glucose cut-down may cause fatigue and general body weakness, this is normal, your body will get used to it, however, it is okay to reduce your sugar consumption little by little so as to avoid fatigue which may give you a bad day.

8. Sleep disorders

Sleep disorders such as insomnia and apnea is quite common as sugar withdrawal symptoms since, the brain is mostly affected when you are cutting down on your sugar consumption.

There is no proven tactics on how to withdraw from sugar but its better to take it one step at a time, cut down on your consumption on a regular basis if you are really determined to withdraw completely from sugars.

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