Signs of depression can be very hard to spot in men. As men, we tend to find succor in extra-curricular activities as the case may be, to cover up our inadequacies and helplessness.

symptoms of depression in men
symptoms of depression in men

In a study, it was reported that about 5 million men experience depression every year.

Men often do not feel like talking about it because we tend to be strong in the face of adversities. In order to spot depression in men, the best way is to look for seemingly minor changes in their character, if you spend lots of time with anyone, you can easily see the differences, and their weaknesses.

Men don’t open up to others when depressed, they only expose their frailties to those who are very close to their heart- their significant other, close families and friends.

One thing about men is that they are four times more likely to commit suicide than women, reason being that as men, we ought to be responsible for a lot of things, a lot of people- our immediate and extended families, this makes it harder because, there is a whole lot of expectations on men.

8 Major symptoms and signs of depression in men

Signs of depression can be hard to spot in men, men are very good at concealing their failures, emotional down-turn, however, in extreme cases, and you may find the following signs of depression in men:

  1. Men develop loneliness, requesting for space to be alone too frequently in a row.
  2. They gaze at the floor too often, when in a not-too-convenient scenarios it shows in their voice.
  3. Harsh behavior, headaches and pain which most times do not respond to treatment.
  4. Reduced enthusiasm, loss of interest in work, they tend to throw themselves at their job compulsively.

symptoms of depression in men such as the following show up in extreme cases.

  1. Drug and alcohol abuse.
  2. Increased irritability.
  3. Thoughts of committing suicide.
  4. Another sign of depression in men is difficulty getting concentration, and consolidating their thought.
  5. Oversleeping or frequently interrupted sleep.
  6. Feeling of guilt, loss of appetite.

A lot of ways of getting treated for depression are available all that matter is, if you are seeing any of the aforementioned symptoms of depression, talk to your doctor. Medications and psychotherapy (often referred to as ‘talking’ therapy) can also help to relieve depression symptoms in men as well as reduce the frequency and severity of depressive episodes.

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