Diabetes is metabolic disorder where the body has larger than the normal amount of glucose in the blood.

Symptoms of diabetes in children
Symptoms of diabetes in children

According to a study, about 13000 children in the US are diagnosed of diabetes type 1 yearly, while in Canada, over 300,000 children are diagnosed of diabetes and this is progressively tied to child obesity. Unfortunately their is nothing much parents can do to it especially when they receive the shocking news of their wards having diabetes.

In type 2 diabetes,the body develops resistance to insulin i.e. cells do not respond to the normal actions of insulin despite its presence in the body.

Symptoms of diabetes in children tends to develop very slowly when it is diabetes type 2, but for type 1 it develops faster due to their pancreas’ inability to produce more insulin as a result of autoimmune destruction of beta cells responsible for the production of insulin.

Diabetes in children could most times be traced to their genetics or traced to their parents. Any parent that is diabetic can easily transfer the genetic code to their offspring. Women who are pre-diabetic before pregnancy are at a higher risk of having diabetic children after delivery, so also women who have gestational diabetes during pregnancy may also give birth to over-weight babies, this is one of the first early sign of diabetes in children (over weight)

The following are risk factors that contributes to diabetes in children:

  • Children who weighs between 8-9 pounds at birth shows this early sign of diabetes but with proper nutrition, it may not develop into full blown diabetes.
  • Children who are obese may be at a higher risk of becoming diabetes before their 15th birthday.

Early signs and symptoms of diabetes in children

The following underlisted signs are common in children with diabetes:

  • Progressive weight loss as a child grows.
  • Increased appetite. Kids tends to eat more when they feel tired, the more they feel tired the more they tend to eat.
  • Diaper rash in toddlers that refuse to go despite medication.
  • They pee frequently in large amounts.
  • dryness of the mouth and throat.
  • Diabetic children feels tired easily due to the inaccessibility of the body cells to glucose energy-carrying molecules. These occurs when a child is not making enough insulin or when their body cells are not responding to insulin actions.

When these signs are overlooked, it may develop further into full blown hyperglycemia.

The following are diabetes symptoms in children:

a) Children gets more weaker and drowsy recurrently as their blood sugar increases.

b) Sore dry throat may result from excessive dehydration.

c) Another symptom of diabetes in children that must never be overlooked is acetone breath. In advanced cases, they may start having acetone breath due to diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) a condition whereby the body breaks down fatty deposits into energy bearing molecules since the body can’t use the energy locked up in glucose due to inadequate response to insulin actions. Acetone is a poisonous substance and as such the kidney tends to excrete them but if the kidney can’t do this cleansing job as fast as the ketones are produced it leads to build up of ketones in the body.

So if you notice a change in the way and what odor your child breathes out, it may be an indication that diabetes is eating them away silently because diabetes may not be easily noticed in children, except you monitor some of this tell-tale signs of diabetes in children.

d) They become more irritable over time.

e) Slow healing of sores

f) Dark patch of skin around the armpit and neck region.

g) Young girls may develop yeast infection.

h) Their eye sight may start getting bad though they may not be able to say this b but you notice it in the way they read at home. Bad eyesight is always a medical issue that must never be overlooked.

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