Low  blood pressure is a medical condition whereby the blood pressure of an individual is consistently below 90mmHg and 60mmHg systolic and diastolic pressures respectively. Today, we are dealing with the symptoms of low blood pressure.

symptoms of low blood pressure
symptoms of low blood pressure

Low blood pressure is symptomatic and as such there are certain signs and symptoms to look out for if  you are suffering from hypotension.

Signs of low blood pressure present when hypotension is about to set in, while the symptoms show up when it has already set in.

What are the symptoms? here are 15 classic low blood pressure symptoms to look out for:

  1. Dizziness or fainting spells

Dizziness is one of the signs of low blood pressure to look out for when you are suffering from hypotension. Fainting is a symptom of several other diseases and disorders but its a vital symptom to take note of. However, in extreme cases, where their is autonomic nervous system failure, fainting spells may result.

  1. Lightheadedness

This is both a sign as well as one of the symptoms of low blood pressure. You feel like your head is missing apparently, often times a precursor to fainting spell.

  1. Heart Palpitation

This is referred to as fast and irregular beating of your heart, it suddenly becomes noticeable when your blood pressure starts dropping.

  1. General body weakness

Here is another one of low blood pressure symptoms, mostly noticeable at the joints- elbow joints, knee joints and shoulder joints.

  1. Decrease in hearing

Temporary decrease in hearing capacity and distortion in hearing is also one of the hypotension symptoms.

  1. Fast shallow breathing

When you have hypotension, your breathing rate tends to increase to accommodate for the amount of oxygen your body and your brain especially, needs to function at optimum capacity thus the need for fast breathing.

  1. Confusion sets in

Confusion often results from inadequate blood supply to the brain, this may occur shortly before you start experiencing dizziness.

  1. You feel tired easily

Whenever you feel tired easily, a lot of things may be going wrong while this may be as a result of several other serious cardiovascular disorders.

  1. Recurrent thirst

Whenever you feel thirsty, regularly, despite drinking lots of water, it could be one of the  symptoms of low blood pressure. You might be severely dehydrated which in turn may further the course of hypotension.

  1. Blurred vision

Several symptoms may be pointing in the same direction especially when they happen in quick succession, let’s look at the following aforementioned symptoms- confusion – tiredness – dizziness – blurred vision – fainting spell. If this set of symptoms present in a quick succession, it might be time for an emergency response.

Note: Symptoms of low blood pressure may at times be similar to what you experience when you have a different medical condition so it’s very important to consult your doctor for medical advise.

  1. Seizures

Another example of low blood pressure symptoms is seizures, this might result from a serious epileptic blood supply to the brain.

  1. Depression

Recurrent depressive episode is another symptom that might be indicated during the management of low blood pressure as well as when hypotension is already in progress.

  1. Short attention span

When you are under stress sometimes you may experience a short attention span which actually may be a sign that your blood pressure is dropping. This could be similar to confusion as mentioned above, but one thing leads to another. When you are confused you seem to jump from one task to another without any effective conclusion. This might be a time to take a break as you might be suffering from low blood pressure.

  1. Numbness or tingling sensation

Another example of hypotension symptoms is, numbness or tingling sensation in the extremities of the body. This often happens in the upper extremities of the arm and lower-limb extremities of the body.

  1. Headaches

Hypotension also presents headache especially in extreme cases.

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