How do you know if you have sinus infection? There are signs of sinus infection that should give you a clue of whether or not you are infected. Until you know these signs, you may consider the symptoms of sinusitis as a different health condition or complication which could make you give it the wrong treatment.

sinus infection symptoms

A sinus infection is termed as sinusitis. Sinusitis can be described as an inflammation which causes an enlargement of the sinus’ tissue lining. Sinuses are often bound to be filled with air. However, there are instances when they become choked with unwanted fluids or germs. These germs and bacteria may eventually grow, increase and become a sinus infection. Aside these, People who have a deficient immune system or are on drugs that suppress the immune system’s functionality are very likely to get infected. Especially among children, it can be contracted from infected persons. Toxic substances that affect the nose, like smoke or fumes, are also likely to trigger Sinusitis.

There are various symptoms of sinusitis. The type of infection may determine the sinus infection symptoms you may exhibit.


  1. Acute sinusitis: This kind of sinus infection occurs out of the blue. It results in a stuffed up and running nose, coupled with a kind of pain which affects regions of the head that around the nose. This may last for many day or even some weeks.
  2. Sub-acute sinusitis: This inflammation is likely to last for as long as a month or two.
  3. Chronic sinusitis: This is an even worse infection. It is likely to last over two months if not treated properly.
  4. Recurrent sinusitis: These ones are a nuisance. They seem as though they are trying to leave a trademark on the victim. They may occur a couple times in a year.


The signs of sinus infection may be grouped into main symptoms and secondary symptoms. Experiencing a main symptom means there is a greater probability of having the infection whereas the secondary symptoms only go further to prove the point of the main symptoms that you are infected.


You are likely to be infected if you have any of these sinus infection symptoms.

  • STUFFY NOSE: A sinus infection causes the nasal lining tissues to be bloated and this makes the nose feel puffy and stuffed up, making it difficult to breathe normally.
  • FREQUENT NASAL DISCHARGE: Aside the nose being stuffy, sinus infection symptoms include a frequent nasal discharge which is usuallythickgreenish or yellowish mucus. This is likely to last for a number of weeks.
  • COUGH: Sinus infection may also cause regular coughs among infected people. Having the above symptoms of sinusitis, coupled with frequent coughing, is an indication of a high probability of the infection.
  • TEARY EYES AND SNEEZING: Infected persons are likely to be found sneezing frequently, about 10-15 times in a day, as well as having very watery eyes.
  • DISTORTED SMELL SENSE: Sinus infection may affect their victim’s sense of smell. They may not be able to smell things properly. At times, even pleasant scents may smell pungent in their nostrils.
  • PAIN IN THE FACE: This infection may cause a pain or discomfort in some parts of the face which are around the nose or nasal region and between the eyes. You may feel some pain in or behind the eyeballs as well.


Aside the main sinus infection symptoms, an infected person is likely to experience some secondary symptoms as well. These secondary symptoms of sinusitis only serve as an additional confirmation to be diagnosed of the infection.

  • FEVER: Sinusitis may cause victims to feel feverish for days.
  • BAD BREATH: This is not rare either. Persons may end up having bad oral odor as well as a possible sore throat.
  • UNUSUAL TIREDNESS: Due to no apparent reasons, persons may feel weak and tired.
  • DENTAL ACHE: Infected persons are also likely to feel unwanted pains in their gums as part of the secondary signs of sinus infection. In some instances, they may develop little sores in some inner areas of the mouth – this is also a reason for the bad breath among them.

Whatever the type sinusitis or the signs of sinus infection you may be experiencing, you can always get a treatment for this infection. You may read further on how to treat sinus infections from home. Enjoy yours day.

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