It is always good to show appreciation to all those that are involved in making your life one big happy one by writing thank you poems for such people. These poems are designed to let the person know that what he or she did for you is deeply appreciated because the person will think of the extent that you went to write the thank you poems and he or she will also think of the importance of your taking out time to write any of the number of thank you poems that you wrote for him or her. It is also worthy of note to state here that all thank you poems are designed with a very deep sense of appreciation. It is always the best to go the extra mile with appreciating a kind gesture by making the said person feel extra special with the use of thank you poems that will be greatly appreciated by such a person. Whatever you decide to do in the form of appreciating people that have been of help in one form or the other, the impact of words can never be ignored and as such thank you poems should be inclusive in what you will do for such a person.

Thank You Poems
Thank You Poems

It is also important that you engage a poet who knows how best to make use of words to express a thought which will be rightly expressed through all the thank you poems that could be written on your behalf. The spinning of words to create beautiful words of great appreciation is best through the use of thank you poems. Thank you poems are part of the best things that you can ever do for the persons that have been good to you at one point in time or the other and it is always best that you show your deep heart of appreciation with words.

Thank You Poems


Thank you for what you did;

You didn’t have to do it.

I’m glad someone like you

Could help me to get through it.


I’ll always think of you

With a glad and grateful heart;

You are very special;

I knew it from the start!

Thank You Poems
Thank You Poems


Thank you…

For standing by me through thick and thin

For not giving up on me when I didn’t win

For your patience when I kept pushing you away

For caring when I said I didn’t need you anyway


I am grateful knowing…

I can count on your strength

Ask for your support, and know you’ll go to any length

When I lose my way

You help me get back on track

When in pain

Your comfort soothes and brings me back


I am lucky because…

When I was sad you gave me faith and hope

When I was confused you taught me how to cope

When I felt I couldn’t go on

You carried me long miles

When I didn’t believe

You restored my smiles


Mom, thank you

For your guidance and the faith you’ve shown

For giving me a safe place where I have grown

For showing me how to strive

Because of your love

I will survive.


Thanking you

For the kindness

That lives inside your heart.

You are a friend that’s treasured

You are truly a work of art.


Your sincerity

Shows in everything you do

And people like me are thankful

For wonderful people like you.


Thanks for doing what you did;

You are kind beyond belief;

Your help and caring calmed me down,

And gave me soothing relief.

Thank You Poems
Thank You Poems


You’ve always been there,

making sure I was o.k.

The one that helped me be,

the kind of person I am today.


I’ll never be able to repay you,

for all that you have done for me.

Knowing that I’d need someone,

when I’d fall and scrape my knee.


You are my big sister,

one that I admire most.

I will always be thankful,

having a sister like you makes me boast.


Not to mention those times,

when boys were boys.

And you were always the first one,

to help me regain my poise.


You understand me,

like only a sister can.

And when I’m upset and not talking,

you always just give me your hand.


Now you’re getting married,

and your life will soon be complete.

But I will always come to you,

whenever I feel defeat.


So this is my attempt,

at thanking you for what you’ve done.

Because in my book you’ll always be,

my sister, number one!


Thank you for (the gift/your kindness).

Thank you for being the person you are:

kind and thoughtful,

sensitive and considerate,

a generous and thoughtful giver.

You are unselfish always,

putting others before yourself,

making me/us feel special and important.

It is a privilege and a pleasure to know you.

Thank You Poems
Thank You Poems


You are a wonderfully, giving,

person inside and out;

A thoughtful, treasured,

friend without a doubt.


And I just wanted to say thank you,

from the bottom of a grateful

and thankful heart.


I feel lucky to have found you-

A friend that is so kind and true;


To lift me up when I am down,

and make me smile when I frown.


It’s hard to find the words to say

just how much I care.


But these will have to do:


Thank you

Thank you

Thank you,


(From the bottom of my heart.)


You have happily stuck by me

during times I’ve had it rough.


For this and other kindnesses,

I can’t thank you enough!


You are a person

who makes life easier and better

for everyone around you.

Your continual acts

of thoughtfulness

and kindness

brighten each day.

What you did for me

will glow in my memory,

reviving pleasant feelings

every time I think about it.

I appreciate you,

and I thank you.


Thank you

For everything you have ever done

To make my life better

I might deny it sometimes

But a great part of who I am

Is thanks to the two of you

Sometimes I thought to myself

That you where being too strict

Sometimes unfair

But now I see

That it was all for the better

And I am thankful for it all

You taught me respect

On a level most kids my age

Never even heard of

You taught me the value of life

In a easy way to understand

I know that I

Can sometimes be a little hard headed

Or even a real teaser

But still I have managed

To follow your teachings

And become

As good a person as I can be


Thank you

For everything


Thank you…

for thinking of me

and then wondering

how you could help.

Thank you…

for doing what you did,

instead of being too busy,

or just forgetting about it.

Thank you…

For inking me

on your priority to-do list,

when you have

so many other things to do;

I am honored;

It meant a lot to me.

Thank you.


When life is overwhelming

And worries consume my days

When uncertainty turns to fear

And dreams beginning to fade


When hesitation limits my ability

And hope is as distant as the sky

Along you come with encouragement

Proving once again, that not all angels fly


Thank you for being an angel and my friend


You care about people

and it shows.

You are generous with your time,

giving of your energy,

lavish with your unselfish deeds.

I will remember your kindness to me.

Thank you for brightening my world

with your thoughtfulness.

It really meant a lot.


Often I tell you how deeply I love you,

though I don’t tell you often enough

how thankful I am for you


I thank you for your love,

your friendship, your kindness


I thank you for making me smile,

for being there when I need someone


I thank you for your support,

your strength; for all you give to me


I thank you for the laughter,

the memories, the quiet times together,

the heart to heart talks


I thank you for making each day special,

if not more special than the day before


I thank you for every moment,

every second that you’ve been a part of my life


I thank you for sharing yourself with me

I thank you for loving and giving unconditionally


And if tomorrow I wake to find,

there will be no more days with you

I’ll thank you for all you’ve left behind,

that will help to carry me through.


I thank you for yesterday,

today and tomorrow.

I love you without end;

Your the love of my life

and a special friend.

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