the perfect girl

To be the perfect girl is the desire of every girl in any serious relationship. How to be the perfect girl is what you will need to learn about and know if your desire to please your boyfriend is of utmost importance to you. There is always this yearning within every girl that is in love and that is how to be the perfect girl. Being the perfect girl takes a lot of hard work on your part as a girl because being the perfect girl requires you studying your man and working towards being the perfect girlfriend just for him. Learn things that will make you the perfect girl for him.

Be the perfect girl

To be the perfect girl you will need to learn and put to work many and if possible all of these factors:

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1: Put a lot into your appearance

the perfect girl

Whether you like it or not, whether you believe it or not, being beautiful is part of what will make you the perfect girl for him. Men are creatures that appreciate what they see first before they go ahead and look at what is in what they are seeing. Your man wants you to be just like that runway model that he is admiring secretly and he wants to be able to show you off to his buddies as the perfect girlfriend that everyone will not help but love. Make him see you as the perfect girlfriend by the way you look.

2: Learn to smell good

the perfect girl

A tip on how to be perfect, don’t just look good smell real good. Men are suckers for good scent; etch yourself in the heart and the mind of your man by simply smelling good. Make use of light and sweet smelling fragrances like vanilla to make you the perfect girl for your man and to make your man love you. The good thing about this is that you will discover that even when you are not physically present with your man, he will always remember how good you smell. He will recognize you from a distance with your smell. You can make this really good by having a regular perfume.

3: Be positive even when you are nagging him

the perfect girl

Men hate women that nag and you will be considered a perfect girl when you learn a good way of nagging your man in a very good and constructive way instead of in the regular way that makes men feel that you are just making a noise which makes them tune off from listening to and hearing you talk. How to be the perfect girlfriend is when you nag in a positive and constructive way like “sweetheart I don’t want to be seen as a nagging girl but could you please keep your socks in the laundry basket when next you pull them off, thank you”. Let your tone be sweet and soft (low as well). This will definitely make the man feel guilty and want to do what you say so that he will not make you nag.

4: Give him a reason to be sure of you

the perfect girl

Do you want to know how to be the perfect girlfriend? You should never give him a reason to be jealous of you. This put in very simple terms is that you should not make him distrust you by flirting around with any man that comes across your way. When a man feels that you are always flirting with any man that comes across your way, he will feel that you are not loyal to him, that you are unfaithful to him and that you are only doing this to make him feel jealous. There is a need for you to make your boyfriend know that you have eyes for him and only him. This you can do by not trying to flirt with just any man that you find remotely attractive to or with just any man that you feel is finding you attractive. When your man has the assurance that you have eyes only for him then you will have been the perfect girl for you.

5: Give him the space that he desires

the perfect girl

Men are known to love their spaces; they hate feeling caged in neither do they love women that like getting into their spaces. Some of the ways of getting into his space is by you trying to have access to all of his social accounts, reading his texts and trying to know who called him and who he calls, trying to know every single detail about him when the relationship is yet to get into the settling down stage. Never ever get into his space that will make him feel like a caged animal, this will make him want to cheat on you just to prove that he still has control of his life. When you give him all the space that he requires even his time out with his buddies, he will never ever think of cheating on you because he will feel and know that he has gotten himself a perfect girlfriend.

6: Be a good bed mate

the perfect girl

Try as much as you can to always satisfy him beyond his imagination while in bed. What you are expected to do as the perfect girlfriend is to learn of different ways of pleasing a man and try practicing these ways with him. Don’t ever feel shy to try out a new style with him as he will always feel happy that you are always willing to try new things with him and make him happy. Don’t ever use sex as a sort of bait for him like “give me what I want and I will give you the sex of your life”. Be willing to go the extra mile with him whenever you are in bed with him. Learn ways to give him the orgasm of his life that he will never ever forget. While doing this, you are simply making him know that you are the best and this will make him not desire any other woman.

Being the best girlfriend that you can be is what will make your man to love you better than his ex and it will also make him not to ever think of cheating on you with any other girl.

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