Internet of Things is a new paradigm that envisions a future for the internet where physical objects like cars and cell phones are connected through a network where they exchange information about themselves and their environment. This will increase efficiency and effectiveness by bringing about innovation in services. Several technologies have been integrated to make internet of things possible.

Internet of things can be applied several areas of human endeavor in Industry, Below are ten ways by which internet of things can be applied.

1. Smart homes:

Internet Of Things

This kind of internet of thing applications enables one to handle the home intelligently. By this, one can avoid disasters by being automatically notified through email or SMS of any pipe burst in hidden places or movement inside the house while the owners are away. Also, some smart home applications can enable people track lost keys or cell phone in the house through devices that use wireless technology. WeMo is an internet of things application that allows the immediate turning on and off of any plugged in device from anywhere in the world, be it close or far. This eliminates standby power time and thus saves money through energy conservation. Lighting the home has also seen new methods. Lights such as Phillip’s Hue can be used to reduce electricity cost since they are internet enabled to go off automatically when there is no one in a room.

2. Wearables:

Internet Of Things

Tracker bands are commonest wearables available. It has features for tracking activities, monitoring sleep patterns and food logging. This internet of things application allows gadgets to automatically monitor one’s daily activities.

3. Smart city:

Internet Of Things

This facilities effective Lighting of streets. Smart lighting system enables the intelligent provision of required lighting needed in a city depending on the time, season and weather.

4. Smart grid:

Internet Of Things

This internet of things application helps utilities locate problems on the grid faster. It combines in-grid data and higher analytics engine to enable utilities companies conduct more efficient investigations to unearth various problems.

5. Connected car:

Internet Of Things

Self driving cars are recently available. Internet of Things has made connected cars slowly possible.

6. Connected health:

Internet Of Things

there is an internet of things application is for people with cardiac arrhythmias to get their bio-metrics to be read and conveyed to their doctors without their presence. This is ideal for people who have to travel long distances to see their physician. There is also a surgical kit tracking technology that enables hospitals to know the location and state of surgical kits to enable a proper inventory to be kept.

7. Smart industry:

Internet Of Things

With assistance from internet of things devices supported by sophisticated sensor networks and various communication technologies, industry can fully change. Industrial solutions include Siemens, Emerson and Honeywell.

8. Smart retail:

Internet Of Things

this application for internet of things gives notification when the retail outlet runs out of stock and goes ahead to order them.

9. Smart supply chain:

Internet Of Things

internet of things has made it possible for exchanging real time information about stock levels among suppliers and retailers.

10. Smart farming:

Internet Of Things

Internet of things application enables farmers to monitor their produce from a distance by using imaging and mapping information to discover those crops with issues to be addressed.

Even though Internet of Things is a new area, its applications give one insights into what it can accomplish in a matter of time.

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