Poems are great ways of expressing the way a person feels towards His/Her partner and the best way to express such is through the use of poems and one of such poems is the wedding anniversary poems. Therefore writing wedding anniversary poems are definitely one of the best ways of making the people that you love who are marking one kind of anniversary or the other to feel special, loved and unique.

Wedding Anniversary Poems
Wedding Anniversary Poems

Wedding Anniversary Poems

Here are Top 10 Wedding Anniversary Poems:


On your anniversary,

it’s time to reflect on all the joy

your marriage has brought you over the years.

Remember your wedding day?

Your wedding photos show

your affection, your passion,

the bond you feel with one another.

Since that day,

many more pleasures have come to you

because you chose to love each other.

As you reminisce,

let those fond, happy memories

strengthen your commitment

to love and care for each other…


Happy Anniversary!


Your anniversary marks the day

When you both said “I do.”

The two of you became as one,

A marriage bright and new.


Now time has passed; your love is strong;

You passed the early test.

Your tender bond grows with passing time;

Your marriage is the kind that’s best!


This beautiful and memorable day,
has been carved into my mind.
A precious moment in time,
when our lives became defined.

Let’s rejoice and celebrate,
our love and our bond.
I cherish what we have,
with my heart I respond.

This journey of life is so sweet,
with you by my side.
My smile radiates,
with each passing stride.

Whether one or a thousand,
journey’s we take.
With you by my side,
I feel alive and awake.

My soul is filled with bliss,
due to the love that we share.
I promise you my dear,
I will always be there.

To the stars and the heavens,
our anniversary I shall proclaim.
My love for you burns like the sun,
with an infinite flame.


The day we both walked,

down our wedding isle.

I couldn’t help,

but joyously smile.


My tears of happiness,

were so hard to suppress.

My whole life lit up,

the moment you said yes.


We’ve been through,

so much together.

We can outlast,

the harshest cold weather.


I will always love you,

and show you respect.

It’s our wedding anniversary,

Let’s spend time and connect.


My smile is peaceful and calm,

while I look straight ahead.

As long as we have each other,

our hearts shall be fed.


Thank you for loving me,

with your heart and soul.

When we are together,

I feel completely whole.

Wedding Anniversary Poems
Wedding Anniversary Poems


Life bestows love’s blessing,

On a very special few.

And I believe it happened,

When life encountered you.


You are a perfect couple,

In a marriage that is blessed;

May your love shine like a beacon,

A guide for all the rest.


Despite the doubts and troubles that you’ve gone through,

There is no doubt at all about your love.

Though many now change partners when they want to,

You’ve found your one and chosen not to move.

In doing so, you’ve given me a picture

More beautiful than any I might draw,

More potent than the most persuasive lecture,

With far more force than any rule or law.

So much you’ve given me! Yet what you’ve given

Of love and time and money and concern

Is less than what I’ve seen as you have striven

To make your lives a lesson I might learn.

I’m grateful for the things you did and do,

But even more, for what you made of you.


Happiness has been your gift to me

All these years of melody and pain,

Pleasure, hardship, wanton rhapsody,

Pure delight and hard, wind-driven rain.

Years do not add up to love and glory:

All things rest on non-things far more true.

No note is so sustained throughout our story;

Nothing but your love, and mine for you.

In our lives must always be confusion:

Very little lost in Time is clear.

Even so, the whirlwind’s an illusion

Regarding the few things we hold most dear.

So you have chosen me, and in that choice

Alone I find my refuge and my voice.

Reality is made by our own will:

You made my world and hold me in it still.


Happy anniversary,
precious wife of mine,
If beauty had a symbol,
you’d be its sign.

Remember the moment,
when we kissed and I carried.
My life found its purpose,
the day that we married.

My love for you,
shall forever grow.
Through my actions and words,
I promise to show.

Today is so special,
in our memories and hearts.
Another wonderful year,
this moment it starts.

I’m so excited for,
what our future shall bring.
Deep down inside,
I hear my soul sing.

What I am trying,
to truly express.
Is that you are the center,
of all my world and success.


Happy anniversary,

loving mom and dad.

For all your years together,

I’m so happy and glad.


The keys to a successful marriage,

I was able to observe.

This important celebration,

you both clearly deserve.


Holding hands tightly,

surpassed times that were hard.

Supported each other,

with every yard.


It’s a beautiful sight to observe,

the love that you both share.

Seen by your simple interactions,

and through your mutual stare.


I would like to wish you both,

countless, memorable years,

May they be spent,

in love and no tears.


This marriage you share,

I truly adore,

Shall love you both forever,

just like always before.


Very rarely,

God chooses two extraordinary people,

bonding them in marriage,

a unique, blessed union,

a golden couple

who shine like a beacon of hope

for the rest of us—

hope that we can learn

to glow as they do,

with intelligence,

good character, strength

and love.

We feel privileged to know you.

Happy Anniversary

to our most treasured friends.

For us, you are truly heaven sent.

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