what causes freckles

Freckles are brownish spots that appear on the skin, most commonly on the face. A few of them on the face may look quite pretty. However, it begins to look weird when they keep on increasing. Are you one of those affected and have begun to wonder what causes freckles? It is caused by various natural factors which are discussed below.


Staying in the sun often could is what causes freckles among some people. More melanin in the skin causes freckles. However, melanin production increases when the skin gets into contact with UV-B radiation which is from the sun rays. Increased melanin causes the darkening of the spots which make it more visible. However, the sun does not affect everyone the same way as freckle generation is also dependent on the type of skin.


Skin type among causes of freckles?Tougher and darker skins are harder to be affected.People who have lighter skins (lower amount of photo protective melanin) are more prone to the effect of UV-B radiation from the sun. This is why freckles are very common among white races and are scarce within the Blacks or Africans.


Genetic factors are also causes of freckles. Freckles are hereditary. Science and research have proven that freckles can be attributed to rare alleles of the MC1R gene which is transferrable from parents to children. MC1R is proven to be a strong cause of red hair among humans. However, most people who usually have freckles also tend to be red haired. It is the same variants of MC1R that cause red hairs that cause freckles.


Hormonal abnormalities are among the causes of freckles.It is possible for oestrogen to over-stimulate pigment-producing cells.By so doing, they generate excess colour when exposed to sun light which results in the spots which are seen in the skin.

Although there could be other causes of freckles, the ones discussed above are the major causes of freckles in the skin.Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your day.

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