Headache in back of head(also known as cervico-genic headache) is a form of headache that affect those who suffer from panic attack and migraine. Recently, more than 5000 searches are been archived on major search engines across the web which shows the astronomical increase back of head headache is making.

Headache at back of head is always not restricted to the backside of the head, it may extend to the cervical area. This may lead to pain in back of head.

headache in back of head
headache in back of head

So what are the causes of headache in back of head? How do I know that I have headache in the back of my head, and be able to differentiate between it and other forms of headache? These and many more questions are what we are going to be discussing here.

There are several forms of headache in back of head that may produce namely:

1. Ice-pick headache

2. Ice-cream headache

3. Occipital neuralgia

Causes of headache in back of head

There are several reasons why you may have that pain in back of head, here are some of the reasons and causes:

1. Migraine

2. Dysfunction of upper cervical spine

3. Temporal arteritis

4. Subarachnoid hemorrhage

5. Brain tumors

6. Metastatic cancers

7. Lateral atlanto-axial join disease

8. Radiculopathies

9. Orgasmic headache

10. Intracranial hypertension

11. Arnold-chiari malformation

12. Dengue fever

13. Vertebral artery dissection

14. Temporal arteritis

15. Sleep apnea

16. Parkinson’s disease

17. Retropharyngeal tendinitis (tendon inflammations)

18. Basilar skull fracture

All these causes of headache back of head may be hard to diagnose due to the several forms they affect the brain and the head region.

Headache back of head can be treated by using pain killers such as analgesics- acetaminophen, ibuprofen. Severe headache on back of head should be reported to your GP if it gets recurrent as it may be pointing to a severe underlying problem.

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