Skin tags are small-sized fleshy and quite deformed outgrowths that appear in the skin. They seem to hang of the skin and are sometimes very itchy.They may look fleshy or a little darker than the skin’s colour. The scientific names of skin tags are Acrochordon, Soft Fibromas and Fibroepithelial Polyps. They may occur at almost any part of the body including the neck, arms, armpits, lower parts of the breast or even on the eyelids.

what causes skin tags


It is very frustrating when you develop these in your skin and can’t find a way to get them off. You may be wondering what causes skin tags and how to get them off.

First of all, you need to know the causes of skin tags in order to know how to effectively get them off. Let us take a look at some of these causes.


Skin tags may appear due to the accumulation of blood vessels and collagen. This usually occurs in the thicker areas of the skin. Skin tags causes may include:


what causes skin tags

The use of steroids is among the causes of skin tags. People may use steroids for their own known reasons. However, steroids tend to distract the natural interaction of muscles and the body. This results in unwanted bonding of collagen fibres in the skin thereby leading to the formulation ofskin tags.


Skin tags are likely to appear in people that are clinically obese. People who are overweight tend to have more skin folds and bumps. Skin tags causes include fatness in the sense that, fat people are prone to be affected due to the regular skin rubbing that takes place in their bodies in places like their armpits and thighs.


what causes skin tags

Pregnancy among skin tags causes? Yes! It has been observed that pregnant women easily develop skin tags. This is as a result of various hormonal changes they experience.


People with higher skin elasticity are less likely to be affected with skin tags than people with lower skin elasticity. As observed, the skin’s elasticity also reduces with age. Older people are more likely to develop skin tags than younger people due to the skin’s elasticity. Therefore, low skin elasticity can be namedamong the causes of skin tags.


Friction is no exception here.Just as it is among fat people, friction in the skin causes skin tags. This is possible when people develop a habit of often wearing tight clothing. You may start developing skin tags around your armpit and beneath your breasts when you exhibit a regular trend of wearing very tight braziers.


what causes skin tags

It is observed that, most diabetic patients begin to develop skin tags. Diabetes gradually reduces the skin’s elasticity, hence, taking the skin a longer time to heal from wounds. The low elasticity of skin in diabetic people is potentially a cause.


People with Papilloma-virus tend to develop skin tags. Some scientific studies have shown there is a little association with low-riskforms of human papilloma-virus, hence, classifying it amongst the skin tag causes.


Some doctors have claimed that this condition is prevalent in certain families, causing them to believe that there could be a genetic association.

Skin tags, if they are not at visible parts of the body like the eyelids, need not bothered. They are generally not a medical problem and not painful as well. However, if you don’t like the look and they feel quite itchy at times, you may adopt some simple methods to get them off.

From now, you can stop worrying about any health complication it may cause.

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