Sneezing is a natural reflex reaction and a means for getting toxins out of the body. This may occur once in a while. However, it becomes devastating and embarrassing when it becomes very rampant. This is when we begin seeking answers to how to stop sneezing.

how to stop sneezing


Knowing what causes sneezing is essential for its prevention. Causes of sneezing are many. They include medical health problems, allergies, and even hereditary factors. However, whether as a disease or substance, these factors have a common case; irritation of some nerves and membranes.

The normal inhalation and exhalation may cause sneezing. Why? As we inhale, the air contains not only oxygen but dust, allergens, virus and bacteria.

  1. ALLERGIES: People may breathe in allergens. These allergens cause stimulations in the mucus membrane or nerves in the lungs or nose which is then transmitted to the brain. The brain experiences a reflexive reaction to these allergen stimulations which leads to the resultant sneeze that occurs. These allergens include pollen and dust particles as well as pet fur that may fill the air.
  2. SUN SNEEZING: There are a good number of reported cases about people who sneeze when they look at the sun or stay out in a very scorching afternoon. It may even occur when they look at bright lights.
  3. BRONCHILE AND NASAL IRRITATIONS: Any other bacteria, viruses, dusts and particles as well as disease that result in irritations of the nasal nerves or lungs are common causes of sneezing. This is evident in sicknesses like flu, cold and sinusitis.


There are perfect home remedies for sneezing that you may use.  Some of these are:

  1. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint is a proven remedy for sneezing. Its antibacterial contents help in decongesting stuffy nose as well as eradicating its associated sneezes. By adding some drops of peppermint oil to freshly boiled water, you make a potent potion to halt sneezing. Place your head over the mixture and inhale the steam that emanates for an instant relief of persistent sneezing.

  1. Chamomile Tea

how to stop sneezing

Chamomile tea is arguably the topmost of the best home remedies for sneezing that are caused by allergies. For effective relief of sneezing, make a hot tea with dry chamomile flowers or powder, water and honey. (Honey is just to add some flavour). Drink this once or twice daily to get rid of the problem.

  1. Garlic

Garlic is known for its multi-purpose biological uses. It has antibiotic as well as antiviral properties which make it an effective sneeze relief. Especially, this works more effectively on cold or flu related sneezing. You may use this remedy by cooking with garlic or by externally applying garlic or inhaling its scent to give instant relief.

  1. Vitamin C foods

how to stop sneezing

Sneezing may be caused by excessive histamine production which is usually as a result of an allergy. Vitamin Cs work by preventing or reducing the production of these chemicals which in turn stops the sneezing.


Some people try to stop sneezing by holding it within or clenching. This only makes your body retain toxins. It also causes damages to blood vessels, the ear drums, the eyes and the lungs. Instead of clenching, try the following effective strategies.


This method helps get rid mucus and bacterial irritants that may be responsible for sneezing. When you begin to feel that a sneeze is mounting up, place yourself in a good position and blow your nose with a clean handkerchief. This is a safe way for preventing a sneeze.


One weird but effective way of preventing a sneeze is by tickling the inner roof of the mouth with the tongue. Whenever you feel a sneeze mounting up, roll your tongue to prickle the inner top layers of the mouth for about 5 -10seconds. This will prevent the occurrence of the sneeze.


You may prod the nose or pinch it to prevent a sneeze. Pinching the nose has a way of vibrating the nerves may that trigger sneeze bouts. This halts an impending sneeze.


Like I said, this is also a funny but effective way to stop an impending sneeze attack. You can press your ear lobes with your fingers to ward off an imminent sneeze attack.


Many testify that getting yourself angry is also a way to stop a sneeze. Since there is no harm in trying, you may try that as well. A commonly suggested way is to fake a frown and bite your teeth tightly together.

All you need to control the sneezing is right here in this article. The choice is yours to be made. Choose the most convenient among the home remedies for sneezing and enjoy an enhance lifestyle.

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