The symptoms of anemia are easy to spot especially in people who have complicated bone marrow diseases or disorders. One of the commonest anemia symptoms is ‘white eye’ a condition characterized by whitened sclerotic layer of the eye.

Symptoms of anemia
What is anemia? 13 Symptoms of anemia

In this article you will learn the following:

1. What is anemia?

2. Signs and symptoms of anemia.

Do you have anemia symptoms? You feel too fatigued regularly? What is anemia and what are the characteristic signs you notice if you are anemic? Anemia is referred to as significant reduction in the amount of hemoglobin. You are said to be anemic if you have hemoglobin levels less than 130-140g/L of blood.

Uncomplicated cases oftentimes may show no anemia symptoms, however if the underlying cause is not dealt with it may lead to complications.

Persistent fatigue is one of the first signs of anemia. Other signs of anemia are pale skin, cyanosis that is bluish-tinged skin.

Symptoms of anemia

Anemia present physical and visible symptoms noticeable in advance cases, the following are symptoms of anemia:

1. Dizziness

Persistent dizziness is one of the first signs of anemia to look out for, as poor oxygen delivery may affect the brain, fainting spell may result from persistent untreated dizziness.

2. Leg cramps and tingling, ‘pin and needle’ sensations in the lower extremities.

This is also referred to as restless syndrome. Anemic patients are at a higher risk of developing it.

3. Ulcers

Ulcers (i.e. wounds having a hard time to heal) are very common in anemic patients due to the impact of anemia on platelets production and hemoglobin. The two commonest forms are- mouth and leg ulcers.

4. Brown or red urine

Brown or red urine is also a symptom of anemia.

5. Increased susceptible to infections

Abnormally shaped red blood cells and reduced RBCs in the blood may affect the way the body fight infections as this may make the body to be susceptible to infections. Also,

6. Stunted growth in children

Children who show anemic symptoms also develops stunted growth, though this may also be caused by other health disorders.

7. Seizures

Seizures is often a sign of severing of blood supply to the brain. When anemia persists for a longer time, it may affect the brain due to poor supply of oxygen and energy to the brain tissues.

8. Constipation

This is commonly associated with pernicious anemia, and it occurs due to the inability of the small intestine to absorb adequate nutrients from foods. This may be corrected by taking vitamin B-12 supplements.

9. Heart palpitations and possibility of having cardiac ventricular hypertrophy

Anemia and other blood disorders have impacts on the heart especially the contraction and relaxing of the heart muscles. This is evident in the erratic heart rhythms.

10. Possibility of developing attention deficit (ADHD)

This is common in children. A low iron may cause attention deficit because iron is needed for production of neurotransmitter- catecholamine and its activity in the brain.

11. Shortness of breath

Low levels of hemoglobin may cause oxygen deficit to the lungs, this may cause imbalance of gases which may require oxygen supplementation. This may necessitate forceful exertion to get more oxygen into your body.

12. Fainting spell

This is also a result of the impact of anemia on the brain, when there is poor circulation of blood coupled with inefficient metabolic activities in the brain, it tells quickly as the brain suffers most from anemia.

13. Bleeding gums

Blood clotting factor is often impaired under severe anemia and this may lead to further blood loss. Impaired platelet formation may also cause delayed healing of wounds.

Anemia can be treated symptomatically i.e. based on the symptoms of anemia presented and its primary cause, treatment can be administered. Oftentimes, folic acid, and vitamin B-12 supplementation do help.

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