Have you been left uncomfortable, worried or embarrassed due to recently occurring croup cough sound? You don’t have to conclude as yet. Read more to find out what is croup and what is croup cough. Whatever be the outcome, you should be cheerful as there are many remedies for this infection. We will also talk about “what is croup and what is croup cough”?


what is croup

A croup refers to swellings that occur near the vocal cords. These are caused by viral infections that affect the windpipe and the larynx. These viruses are usually the same or similar to viruses that trigger common colds. The most common virus responsible for this infection is the parainfluenza virus which is also responsible for common cold. Aside this one, it is regularly caused by respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). This condition causes difficulties in breathing as well as an associated bad barking cough. This usually results in a barking cough in adults. Like colds, the most frequently occurring season of croup is during the winter.

The usual period within which a croup lasts is six to seven days. Though it may affect people of all ages, it is much more contagious among children aged 3months to 6years. This is so because they have smaller larynx and windpipes which means, the virus can easily affect a greater portion or area of these passages.


what is croup cough

Croup cough results in a barking cough in adults as well as children. However, symptoms of croup cough may not be as severe in adults like it is in children. In mature people or adults, a croup cough sound may seem like that of a dog bark – very sudden, strong and loud.


The severity of croup symptoms is dependent on age. The younger you are, the stronger the symptoms. They are usually more severe among children that are below 3years of age. Common symptoms of croup are:

  • Feverishness may be experienced but usually below 104 degree Fahrenheit
  • Sneezing and runny nose may are usually experienced by victims
  • Difficulty in breathing and heavy breathing. May experience stridor – a raspy gasping and whooping sound when children breathe in.
  • A barking cough is often experienced. A barking cough in adults may cause panic to babies or kids.
  • Victims may experience a hoarse voice due to the inflammation of the voice box

When croup is severe or when it gets worsened, it may lead to any of the following symptoms;

  • Breathing sound that are high pitched
  • Discomfort and struggle in swallowing
  • Croupy cough sound is increased
  • A gray skin coloring is also possible around body parts like the nose, fingernails and mouth.

Sporadic Croup

Even though croups are usually meant to last for just a week, some children may experience recurrent croupy cough and intermittent cold infection symptoms. Sporadic croups are often not accompanied by any feverishness. They are mild conditions but the barking sound of coughs still remains. It is possible in frail adults as well.


Cases of croup are often mild and so can be treated at home. However, severe cases such as those which threaten breathing of victims must be reported to a medical center.

Breathing difficulties may be prevented or curtailed by using cool mist humidifiers.

In mild cases, OTCs can be relied upon for relieving the throat, head and chest pains.

To open up the wind and breathing channels, bath children with warm water or give them a steam bath.

At the hospital, medics may use steroids when dealing with severe cases to open up the airways for easier breathing. Breathing tubes may be used as well to aid in breathing.

For prevention of croup, common preventive methods for influenza may be used as they are caused by similar viruses. We may prevent this by frequently washing hands, avoiding sick people and keeping the hands and objects away from the mouth.

Aside all other things, a croup may result from other ailments such as diphtheria and measles. Make sure yourself and children are vaccinated against such diseases.Meanwhile, try to see a doctor if you’ve seen any of the symptoms.

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