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What is depression?

depression symptoms
depression symptoms

Depression is a state of health characterized by emotional lows and mood swings, melancholic expressions and sadness. While it might be normal to be depressed at times probably due to life circumstances, death of loved ones, depressive episodes without any apparent cause is a major cause for concern as it might have several underlying factors.

Do I have depression?

You might be asking this question if you have depression, one of the following key facts will tell if you are about to go into depression:

A) Loss of interest in activities.

B) Feelings of hopelessness or being pessimistic about life.

C) Loss of interest in activities that once upon a time seems to be very pleasurable e.g. Sex.

Signs and symptoms of depression

You might ask yourself this question- Am I depressed?

Well, people respond to depressive episodes differently, but there are several signs of depression common to everyone who is undergoing depression:

1) Persistent aches- headaches or cramp

2) Fatigue

3) Insomnia (inability to have good sleep or interrupted sleep in the night).

4) Another depression symptom is mood swing. This might be a clinical presentation of depression when it is chronic.

5) Binge eating disorder may arise from depressive episodes especially when the thoughts of losing weight sets in. Binge eating is one in which you eat uncontrollably, no cause has been found for it anyway.

6) You feel guilty or helpless lots of time.

7) Thoughts of having suicide especially when the thoughts of being left alone fill your mind.

8) Another depression symptom can be expressed in other clinical conditions such as joint pains, gastro-intestinal disorders, appetite change, and sleep disturbance.

9) If you find yourself not being able to make decisions promptly, or you become confused repeatedly, it might be a time for you to check your life goals, take a walk, and look on the brighter side of life.

10) If you find out you don’t have adequate sleep in the night, see you doctor immediately, depression may be around the corner.

11) If you experience frequent burn-outs at work, you need to take a break it may be a major sign of depression knocking at your door.

Stress is a serious medical condition that needs to be taken care of. Stress has been linked to high production of cortisol especially when it lingers on for a longer than usual period of time. Cortisol in turn has been linked to reduction in 5-HT brain functions with manifestations of depressive episodes.

If you experience any of the symptoms of depression, it’s time to review your daily activities, see your doctor if you discover you are having mood swings recurrently, other underlying medical conditions might be involved but unless you undergo a comprehensive medical evaluation you may not know why you are depressed.

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