Mono also known mononucleosis produces the same external symptoms as hyperplastic goitre. Do you have any outgrowth or swelling on your neck? Do you suffer from irritability or use get irritated easily? Or you experience flu-like symptoms? You might be suffering from mono. What is mono? It is a viral disease caused by viruses that belongs to the Epstein-barr virus (EBV) a member of the herpes virus family. It is also known as kissing disease as it can easily be transmitted through kissing and the incubation period is usually between four to six weeks and may last for more than one month. This is especially rampant among young adults with lowered body immunity and infants or children who are kissed by adults carrying the virus.

What is mono
What is mono? 12 Symptoms of mono

Mononucleosis symptoms may result after the age of 40 in people who must have had acquired immunity to the virus while very young. Children, caregivers, medical interns, young people who are sexually active are at higher risk of getting infected. Mono symptoms in adults includes sore throat, fatigue and fever. Only the symptoms and signs of mono presented can be used to diagnose mono effectively.

Symptoms of mono

The following are general mono symptoms:

1. Body aches

General body pain and aches is common with most viral infections, mono is not an exception.

2. Sore throat and enlarged tonsils

Enlanged tonsil is the most common symptom of mono, and it makes swallowing of foods and fluids difficult, it may further worsens how you breathe.

3. Nausea and vomiting

Nausea is common with infections which affects the throat as this may stimulate the epiglottis which creates an esophageal spasm which leads to vomiting in most cases.

4. Malaise

This is a general sickly feeling. It may be accompanied by other symptoms such as headache, fever, feeling too dull and non-responsive.

5. Fatigue

This may be persistent for up to 1 month, though this rarely occurs, but an estimated 9-22% have reported having such after a positive mono diagnosis.

6. Profuse sweating in the night

Unintended profuse sweating especially in the night is often a call for concern as it might be a sign of other complications in the body, mono inclusive. 

7. Muscle weakness

Muscle weakness and muscle spasm is common in patients who show symptoms after the incubation period of the virus has been completed.

Other symptoms you may experience if you have mono are skin rash,

In adolescents and young adults, there is a triad symptoms of mono that presents together:

Fever which usually lasting for 10-14 days; acute sore throat (pharyngitis) and swollen glands (cervical lymph nodes), however these symptoms are not common in older adults.

Other signs of mono includes the following:

1. Enlargement of spleen. This happens within the second and third week from onset of infection and it is not often visible except confirmed through diagnostic tests.

2. Tonsilar exudate

3. Jaundice (damage or obstruction to the bile duct)

4. Liver enlargement

5. Blood clotting process may be affected due to platelets reduction

Most times the symptoms you experience may not fully establish that you have mononucleosis except after confirmation from diagnostic tests such as blood and urine test, because they may as well be presented by other diseases and infections of the throat.

However, mild treatments may relieve you of the symptoms if you report your findings early to your doctor.

Taking a lot of rest and taking lots of fluids and hot soup do help to get relieve from symptoms and to prevent further complications while taking your treatment.

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