The loneliness that pink eye may cause is unwelcome to all. The face looks weird whiles you may suffer some symptoms. This leads us to the question of what is pink eye, its infections and causes.

What is Pink eye?

what is pink eye

Pink eye or redeye as some may call it refers to a reddening and swelling of the conjunctiva. It is medically termed as conjunctivitis. This situation may be caused by differing factors. However, they are usually not serious medical issues. The conjunctiva may remain swollen and return to normal after about a week or two, even without a medical treatment.


pink eye symptoms

The symptoms of pink eye are dependent on the causes of the pink eye. However, pink eye symptoms may be similar irrespective of the cause. Some common symptoms of pink eye are;

1. Reddening of  the white eye

Conjunctivitis may cause the white eye to become red. This may affect some parts of the white eye or the entire region.

2. Itchy eyelids

Victims are likely to experience worrisome itchiness in the layers of the eye or eyelids as part of pink eye symptoms.

3. Swollen eyelids

In addition to the itching of eyelids, conjunctivitis may cause the eyelids to swell.

4. Frequently teary or watery eyes

When you realize you have been getting watery eyes recently, coupled with any of the above pink eye symptoms, you should make preparations to see an optometrist.

5. Whitish and thick discharge from the eyes

Usually, victims of conjunctivitis experience a thick whitish or creamy discharge from the eyes, especially, when they wake up from sleep.

6. Burning sensations in the eyelids

In addition to itchiness, people with pink eye are likely to experience some tingling and burning sensations in the eye lids.

7. Unusual sensitivity to the sun

Pink eye symptoms include increased sensitivity of the eyes to the sun. In more severe cases, the eyes may become unusually more sensitive and reactive to sun rays.

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