One day a friend came to me asking; “what is sinus infection? My wife suspects I have one”. I was quite surprised that a person his age had no idea. Anyway we’re addressing that topic today.

what is sinus infection

Sinus infection or sinusitis is an infection which affects the nasal cavities. The lining of the sinus tissues become inflamed or swollen due to accumulation of fluid or germs; this may grow into an infection.

People are likely to suffer sinusitis through infection, toxic chemical irritation of the nasal tissues or through allergies. Usually, people do not spread sinusitis to other people. However, it is likely to be transferred among kids. For example; children in a day care may contract it from one infected child.


Sinus infections are classified into the following

  • SUBACUTE SINUSITIS – This infection may last for between 4 to 8weeks.
  • ACUTE SINUSITIS – This is a type of sinusitis which may last for a week or two. This is usually so due to an allergy or as an accompaniment of cold.
  • CHRONIC SINUSITIS – This kind of infection usually lasts longer than both acute and subacute. It lasts for longer than two months.
  • RECURRENT ACUTE SINUSITIS – This infection may vanish and recur in a couple of times per year.

Sinusitis is usually accompanied by the following symptoms:

what causes sinus infections

  • Headache – an unpleasant pain is usually felt behind the eyes and parts of the head.
  • Ache in the sinus/nose – Some aches may be felt in the nose and nasal cavities as well.
  • Running nose – Infected persons experience frequenting nasal discharge.
  • Smelly and discolored nasal discharge– Usually thick yellowish or greenish mucus.
  • Fever – This is an uncommon symptom but others do experience it.
  • Stuffy nose or nostrils – The nose feels choked that it affects breathing. Patients often gasp air through their mouth to support inhalation.
  • Sore throat – It may cause a person to develop sore throats which may also be accompanied by bad oral odor or breath.
  • Watery or teary eyes alongside frequent sneezing – Persons may sneeze over 15times in a day and usually have their eyes tear-filled.

Additionally, some uncommon symptoms that sinus infection causes are coughs, mild fever and tiredness or fatigue.

Though the above symptoms may also be present when a person has a cold, it is the length of period and persistence that persuades doctors to diagnose them as sinusitis.


Sinus infection causes include;

what is sinus infection

  • Colds: normal cold may lead to choked up nasal sinus lining, block the usual flow of mucus, and may eventually lead to sinusitis.
  • Allergies: allergic rhinitis is also among sinus infection causes.
  • Non-allergic rhinitis is also a major cause of sinusitis among victims
  • Nasal polyps (tiny ingrowths in the nasal lining)
  • Deviated septum (a shift or displacement in the nasal cavity)
  • Fungi infection: fungi infections are serious and require a medical treatment. So far, there is no vaccine to prevent its infection.
  • Bacteria infection: Bacteria that affect the sinus’ tissue liningsare among sinus infection causes.These can be treated with antibiotics.

If you have ever had sinusitis, you need not be told of the discomfort and pains that come along with it as well as the unpleasant nasal and oral odor. Until you treat them, they’ll surely give you further complications.

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