What is strep throat and how can you know you have it? Strep throat (streptococcal pharyngitis) is a bacterial inflammation of the tonsils. One of the characteristic strep throat symptoms is sore throat accompanied with pain. Sometimes it may get so painful you lose appetite for food. Strep throat is commonly caused by beta-hemolytic group A streptococcus bacteria.

Both adults and children are susceptible to strep throat infection.

Strep throat symptoms
What is strep throat? 10 Strep throat symptoms

Strep throat can be easily spread by droplets from those infected so also it may be transferred through sneezing from infected people.

Symptoms of strep throat

Strep throat in children may not easily be detected except you notice your child while swallowing foods as they may not be able to express the pain they experience.

According to a Wikipedia source, Strep throat is a common bacterial infection in children. It is the cause of 15–40% of sore throats among children and 5–15% among adults.

Strep throat symptoms show up about 2-3days after infection and may last for 7-10 days if not treated.

The following are symptoms that accompany strep throat:

1. Fever

When you experience or see a high fever with body temperatures rising to 38°C in children especially, do see your doctor it may a sign that strep throat is getting advanced.

2. General malaise

Sickly feeling is a symptom that accompanies most diseases, infections and disorders, strep throat is not an exception; such may include joint pain and muscle weakness.

3. Loss of appetite

Loss of appetite may accompany strep throat especially as swallowing foods may become difficulty as the infection progresses.

4. Severe irritation of the throat

This is often a sign of complication, at times it may resolve with few days without treatment but occasionally it may require antibiotics and taking a lot of fluids to ease the irritation.

Strep throat infection in adults may take a different turn due to the fact that the infection is not easily spread among adults.

5. Headache

Headache may result from high fever and increase in body temperature as strep throat advances

6. Tonsular exudate

In complicated cases, an inflammed tonsil may ooze pus or fluid.

7. Vomiting and nausea

This is very common with most infections, it is more pronounced in pneumonia if the tonsils have enlarged to the point of stimulating the epiglottis which may cause you to feel like throwing up after food.

8. Difficulty swallowing foods

Difficulty swallowing foods and fluid may result if there is no relieve from the symptoms within 13 days of onset of strep throat symptoms in adults as this is common in adults.

9. Retro pharyngeal abscesses characterized by stiff neck, and sepsis

Pain from pus or abscesses forming within the pharynx may give rise to stiff neck as you may find it difficult to turn your neck.

10. Forceful breathing

Buildup of abscess may result in airway obstruction as the tonsils may block the windpipe thus causing choking while breathing.

When you notice strep throat symptoms in children, it is often advisable not to give aspirin to children as it may lead to other crises

Immediately you start noticing these signs of strep throat you notice is that your throat gets dry unusually, followed by lumpy bolus anytime you want to swallow, swollen lymph nodes on the neck, trouble swallowing do report to your doctor for careful examination treatment. There are other signs of strep throat that only your doctor can confirm them through physical examinations.

Pain and the sore throat should resolve quickly few days after treatment. Also drinking warm lemon water and hot fluids help to reduce pain.

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