What makes a man feel manly is on the inside- androgens, a class of hormones which controls men’s sexuality and how men interact with the ‘outside’ world.  Testosterone in men is the secret of manliness.

What is testosterone? It is a hormone, a chemical messenger produced from by the testes which is responsible for the growth and development of secondary sexual characteristics in men.

What is testosterone
What is testosterone

What is testosterone ‘doing’ in women? Well it is not only men who have testosterone, testosterone in women is produced from the ovaries and adrenal gland and healthy levels of testosterone do have great effect on their sexuality and menstrual cycles. Testosterone in women who have reached their menopause may undergo dips and lows which may cause low sexual drive, and vaginal dryness and infrequent blood spotting.

What is testosterone’s effect on men?

High testosterone levels in men do produce the following physical attributes as seen in men:

1. Deep ‘bass-y’ voice

2. Fast growth of pubic hair

3. High energy level and stamina

4. Great libido

Low testosterone levels in men do have comparatively lesser impact in women, however high levels of testosterone do produce signs such hairy breast, deep voice and enlarged clitoris in women.

What is testosterone’s effect on women’s menstrual cycle? It causes irregular menstrual cycles and blood spotting mid-period. Women with low testosterone levels may experience dips and lows in desire for romance and intimacy. Vaginal dryness may lead to painful coitus in women who has low testosterone levels.

Here are five (5) things you need to know to have a deep insight on testosterone

1. Decrease in testosterone and hypogonadism: Men above the age of 40 years do experience about 1.6% decrease in testosterone levels with a steep dip in testosterone level when they reach 60 years , this is referred to as late-onset hypogonadism.

2. Low level of serum of testosterone has been indicated to increase mortality rate among male veterans and the following has been attributed to low testosterone levels in men:

  • Rapid changes in mood
  • Reduced muscle mass and tone
  • Reduced libido and desire for sexual intimacy
  • Decrease bone mass and density
  • Abdominal fat increases with time
  • Erectile dysfunctions especially during night time
  • Low self esteem
  • Stunted reproductive organ growth
  • Less stamina and inability to cope under pressure
  • frequent fatigue
  • Risk of developing osteoporosis at mid 40 to 50 years of age

3. Cardiovascular diseases and prevalence of auto-immune diseases has also been linked to low testosterone levels in the serum.

4. Age and testosterone : Older men are beginning to opt for testosterone supplementation, does it look funny? They also need to feel alive through sexual intimacy. Despite limited evidence to support the health benefits of testosterone on older men, it has been reported that testosterone supplementation drugs increased by 170% within the 5 years preceding 2012.

5. Cigarette smoking and testosterone : Cigarette smoking has been linked to increase in testosterone production, estradiol and estrone but with reduced capacity to reproduce due to its inherent impact on sperm production.

A study conducted on Danish military recruit reported that those who smoke at least once a week had higher testosterone levels coupled with 28% lower sperm concentration and 29% lowering rate in total sperm count.  Those who

Researchers has discovered that low testosterone in men may predispose them to developing obesity with attendant increase in body mass index (BMI), and insulin resistance which eventually leads to diabetes mellitus II, also obesity may lead to low testosterone levels but, exclusive diagnosis will help to decide if obesity should be controlled by testosterone supplements or by lifestyle changes.

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