What is type 2 diabetes?

what is type 2 diabetes
what is type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes also known as diabetes mellitus II is a metabolic disorder characterized by high concentration of glucose and insulin resistance.

In contrast, type I is an insulin dependent type that depends solely on insulin, but due to autoimmune destruction of islet cells which for produce insulin.

Insulin is an hormone produced by the islet of Langerhans cells within the pancreas.

What is insulin resistance?

insulin resistance is a pathological disorder whereby body cells fails to respond to normal actions of insulin which can cause a build up of glucose in the body, this increases the amount of insulin produced by the beta cells in the pancreas and also in the body.

Insulin resistance can also be caused by damage to liver cells, so also oxidative stress may trigger insulin resistance.

Type 2 diabetes symptoms and type 1 symptoms look alike due to the fact that they both conclude in inability of insulin to get to body cells for efficient conversion of glucose and synthesis of energy.

When the body is under stress, the adrenal gland keeps producing hormones that convert fats stored in fatty cells into glucose, this also trigger pre-diabetic symptoms which on a prolonged expression could lead to diabetes.

Those who undergo stress a lot find it easy to become obese, and obesity has long been associated with insulin resistance.

A good rule of thumb is the more dietary fats you take the higher your chances of having insulin resistance.

It’s the sole regulator of blood glycemic index i.e. the amount of glucose in the blood per time of which the normal range is between 100mg of blood. Anything between 100mg/dL – 125mg/dL is considered as prediabetes, anything higher than 125mg/dL is considered as diabetes and this could be catastrophic as it has its attendant symptoms.

A random test of fasting blood glucose yielding results of blood glucose level beyond 200mg/dL(11.1mmol/dL) is referred to asĀ  hyperglycemia.

One of the earliest signs of type 2 diabetes is inadequacy of platelets formation which brings about very slow healing of wounds and mouth sores, increased thirst and frequent urination especially in the night.

Type 2 diabetes symptoms are more pronounced with age.

Other symptoms of diabetes type 2 are as follows:

1) Blindness or blurred vision in extreme cases, blindness may occur due to occular hypertension and dry eye lens.

2) Dizziness after eating

3) Intestinal bloating or flatulence

Flatulence (build up of gas) from undigested carbohydrates. Repeated occurrence is a sign of diabetes type 2.

4) Increased hunger. This may actually lead to binge eating and obesity due to storage of fatty cells obtained from the aggregated cholesterol in your diet.

5) Increase in blood pressure due to increased arterial wall tension from insulin resistance.

6) Depressive episodes. Psychologically, insulin resistance may affect mood-enhancing hormones negatively.

7) Another example of diabetes type 2 symptoms is recurrent vaginal infections. Due to increase in micro flora around the vaginal opening due to the concentration of glucose in the blood.

8) Another type 2 diabetes symptom is dementia, a short span memory loss which may become more pronounce with age.

9) Kidney failure may result in extreme and complicated cases.

10) Persistent short-lived headache

11) Frequent yeast infection in women

12) You feel worn out or tired easily

13) Tingling sensation in either your hands or feet or both.

Inadequate glucose management affects the transportation of energy bearing molecules to deliver energy round the body, the effect of this is usually body tingling which is mostly noticeable at the extremities of the body.

14) You eat more, weigh less.

When you feel hungry frequently despite the volume of food you eat its a sign you need yo watch out for. Weight loss is common to both diabetes type 1 and type 2.

15) Frequent vaginal thrush and itching around the penis. Infections are always recurrent due to the damage done to the immunity system.

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