Whooping cough is a medical problem which causes persons to cough more often than usual and with a whooping sound. It is caused by a bacteria type known as Bordetella pertussis. They can be transmitted from persons to persons through laughter, sneezes and coughs.

what is whooping cough

As an infected person coughs or sneezes, he may pass small droplets that may contain the causative bacteria into the air. Another person close by may inhale these bacteria.  When these bacteria are inhaled, they stick themselves to the hairy-like organelles in the lungs’ lining and into the airways or channels. The bacteria engage in activities that lead to swellings and inflammations which may result in prolonged cough and other symptoms like cold.

The associated cough is very dry. Whooping cough affects people of all ages including kids and babies. The worrying aspect is that, it may take about a week or up to 10days before signs of whooping cough may show. However, symptoms may last for 3 – 6 weeks but can exceed this if an appropriate treatment is not meted out.

Common symptoms of whooping coughs are; nasal congestion, runny nose, feverishness, watery eyes and coughs. These may worsen after two weeks. Victims may begin to feel fatigued, endure moments of vomiting as well as a higher tone “whoop” sound when breathing.

Now that you know what is whooping cough, you can read extra articles on its prevention and cure.

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