Ever wonder what to say to your girlfriend when she’s angry? How about when she’s feeling down and need someone to lift her up? Or perhaps, just nagging feeling that tells you to say some random words of advice whatever they are, be sure to put them up in words.

Your girl would always want to hear those words of apology from you; those words of encouragement when they are down and would indeed love to hear your random thoughts. They would sure appreciate your openness, they would love to have the glimpse of what you are feeling at the moment.

What to say to your girlfriend when she’s angry

What to say to your girlfriend

Just say you deepest and sincerest sorry. Take the ownership of your mistake, it’s not admitting that you are wrong but rather showing that your relationship with her is more important than your pride or ego. You are letting her win your fight because that’s how you love her, and would willing to surrender to what she’s insisting.

What to say to your girlfriend when she’s feeling down

What to say to your girlfriend

Uplifting words, or maybe ensuring her of your presence whatever she’s going through at the moment. Sometimes it is not enough that you are beside her, she also needs you speak some words that would give her courage to continue fighting, whatever her struggles are.

You are the person that she needs, and she would love to hear that. She would like to hear that you are mindful of her and her situation and that you are willing to be her strength to get through it.

What to say to your girlfriend randomly

What to say to your girlfriend

She wants those sweet nothings that you could share with one another of course! Your girlfriend would want to hear your words of admiration that she looks beautiful and that she smells good today. She wants to know your thoughts about the clothes she’s wearing if her shoes look good and if she has the right amount of make-up on her face.

The random thoughts that would let her discover new about you, or maybe would let her know you more. The thoughts that would bring about your different side. On the other hand, you would also see how she’ll take those words. Girls want a deeper more serious part of you, because what she wants is not just another boy but rather a real man in her life.

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